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How would I wire my high voltage capacitor bank? Answered

So I'm having this project that calls for a high voltage capacitor bank. I bought 10 450V 330uF electrolytic caps and want to make a 2kv (with safety margin) cap bank. I wired 5 of them in series and I end up with 2 sets of caps. My question is how would I connect those sets in parallel? Do I just connect the ends together (exhibit 1) or do I connect all the caps together (exhibit 2)?

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Best Answer 4 years ago

After you make sure the capacitors are truly identical, then add

The 150,000 ohm 2 watt resistors to guarantee the capacitors share the applied voltage equally and the first time you apply voltage raise it slowly to guarantee the electrolytic chemical activity is properly and evenly distributed ..


Answer 4 years ago

Oh thank you! My caps all came from the same batch so no worry there.

I have a few questions:

- Wouldn't the resistors discharge the caps kind of quickly?
- You said I should raise the voltage slowly the first time. How slow are we talking about?

Again, thank you greatly!


Answer 4 years ago

Same manufauring batch or same parts by one manufacturer. Of course 750,000 ohms will draw an average of 2.7ma discharging the capacitors.

But better then a leaky capacitor only holding 200v instead of 400v meaning another pair has 600v Ouch.

If your really balanced try 2 meg ohm 1watt resistors.

Slow is 500 volts per minute....

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