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I want to build a photovore with a rechargeable battery, but I have zero experience and I have no idea how to wire it. Answered

Example photovore: http://www.solarbotics.com/products/k_pp/
I want to include both an on on/off switch and a battery (not included in any photovore schematics I've found), allowing the robot to run off of both solar and battery power so it doesn't die in shadows (and maybe make it take steps a bit faster in the sunlight?), and have the solar cell recharge the battery when switched off.



10 years ago

Connect a sizable capacitor in parallel with the solar panel, rated same voltage. When the light goes away, it still has power - trouble is the 'sensing' circuit no longer uses the solar panel for seeing light and dark. (may or may not be a problem)


Answer 10 years ago

therefore, is not a problem! More constant power is a good thing - although examining the circuit, it already uses a capacitor to run between cycles.