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Ic for ir base automation ? Answered

Hi I want to make a 4 relay controller with ir . That means I want to control 4 relays with ir based remote control I have see some modules from internet but the ic name is removed. I want a Ic ( not micro controller or maybe a Attiny 85) to read different signals from ir receiver and trun on and of the relays. So please give me circuit with ic name.




Answer 3 years ago

I appreciate you want 4 channels but the principles will be just the same.

For example in the cct below, one i linked to, the 4017 is a decade counter and actually therefore has 10 outputs although only 2 are shown as connected to LEDs in the diagram. You would need to put relays in place of the LEDs to switch power.

For the others you should read the details at the web site to learn how they work and how to extend them.

The instructable gives the code for the arduino so no real knowledge required.


Answer 3 years ago

With 4017 ic I can only trig one light at a time and I cant glow 2 lights at a time


Answer 3 years ago

That depends on what you put on the output of the 4017.

frankly This is something that is so much easier done in software and it doesn't need to be all that hard or expensive.

take a look at






If I can teach 11 year old school kids to do it I am sure you can learn.

Remember that apart from the host of commands available you only really need 5 or 6

Turn on

Turn off

Read an analogue value

Read a digital value

Jump to another area of the programme

Wait for a give time.