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If anyone has information on building a light source for the studio that looks like daylight.? Answered

I use to have a window in my studio, now we moved and I no longer have that light source. Hoping to build a soft box to duplicate the same light effect. hoping for help. thanks



9 years ago

Define daylight.

The color (temperature) of light changes throughout the day, depending on angle of the sun. And then there's clouds...

If you want "north window" light go with a cool (5000-6000K) CFL bulb and a diffuser. A diffuser can be a homemade softbox, or even thin white fabric stretched over a simple wood or PVC frame. CFLs, because they generate little heat, are safe to use in homemade diffusers.

Use a 3500-4500K bulbs without diffusers for a 10 AM look.

IMPORTANT: All CFL's are not created equally. The ability to reproduce colors accurately depends on the bulb. Find bulbs that have a high Color Rendering Index (CRI). Ideal CRI is 100 (tungsten filament). The inexpensive CFL bulbs at Home Depot are 85 CRI--good enough to light your garage, but you won't be happy if accurate color reproduction is important. The very best CRI in CFL is 94.

Check out http://alzodigital.com/online_store/replacement_lamps.htm. These high output CFL's are what you're looking for. 

Good luck!


10 years ago

You'll find that plant growing fluorescent bulbs used in hydroponics will be close to identical to sunlight.


10 years ago

There are daylight bulbs, the CFL's colour temperature's pretty close to natural lighting and pretty good for shooting with...