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Is 3D Magix a good program? Worth it? Answered

I found this program and wondering if it's worth it.  It keeps mentioning the program Blender, which is a free program, so I wasn't sure.  I'm sure the tutorials are worth the $27 alone, but it supposedly comes with their own program. I'm considering a 3D program anyway, but I'm leaning towards this one.  Their website is http://www.3dmagix.com/



8 years ago

Why? They take an open source piece of software, stick their name on and then charge you for the name change.
I don't have a clue whether their tutorial is worth 50 cents, but a company that uses these kind of tactics are the kind of businesses I avoid.
Its your money, do with it as you see fit but me, I'd download the free Blender version and learn how to use the program through my own resources.


Answer 8 years ago

After researching it, I found out about that also. I'm not buying it, it's just a rip off. Thanks though.