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Is there any way to mod an older Xbox 360 controller? Answered

Is there anything I can do to mod my Xbox 360 controller? I've researched long and hard, and I have no answers on what it is called that allows the newer ones to be modded... The closest answer I've found is a "rf crystal". Can I add something, or take something away? Please help......



11 years ago

There are alot of options you have here honestly. What exactly do you want your mod to do? I know rapid fire but do you want it adjustable or more than one mode or just a single mode to pull separate button as your trigger? You have alot of options and I will try and help you as much as possible if thats what you would like. I do mod rapid fire controllers so I know a fair amount but ofcoarse I dont know everything. I can try and supply you with a tutorial of whatever type mod you want. Hope this helps, George