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Make a bunk bed Answered

I decided to make a bunk bed for my room as it is small and I need a desk. 
I'm a beginner at woodworking and I need some help.

I have made some "plans", I will put 7x2m stakes, 4x1.40m each around 10cm x 10cm wide. Each horizontal stake will have a angle bracket under ( https://www.hornbach.ch/shop/Corniere-dangle-a-charge-lourde-avec-une-nervure-150x150x65-mm-galvanisee-sendzimir-1-unite/8062988/article.html ). Each horizontal stake next to another will a a angle bracket between.
Is spruce wood a good choice ? Or maybe I should choose a stronger one ?
The bed must support 2 people ( around 140kg ), do you think it's strong enough ?

Material :
10 x https://www.hornbach.ch/shop/Latte-en-epicea-rabotee-3000x17x36-mm/1009912/article.html
9 x https://www.hornbach.ch/shop/Bois-massif-de-construction-100x80x3000-mm-epicea-sapin/8099466/article.html
20 x https://www.hornbach.ch/shop/Corniere-dangle-a-charge-lourde-avec-une-nervure-150x150x65-mm-galvanisee-sendzimir-1-unite/8062988/article.html

Total price : 239 CHF

Sorry for my english.


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5 years ago

you should add a piece of plywood on top of the bottom three braces and also add a crosspiece in the center going the length of the bed.

I'm guessing this is what you had plans for?

To make a loft bed with a desk under it

Don't forget a ladder for access to the loft bed