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Malware on bone Answered

I recently watched Bones (it was on FOX) , and they had a computer genius who somehow killed a person, arranged a code out of the victim's spine, and carved malware onto bone, shutting off their computer system's fans.

My question is this: is it possible to carve a worm/bug/virus on to bone (or anything for that matter) so that, when scanned, it wreaks havoc on computers or mainframes?


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9 years ago


It is possible to embed invalid data into an image file (such as JPG or PNG) which could cause the software reading the image to misbehave. In the "best" (worst) case, such invalid data could lead the image software to write data into memory, launching a virus (or technically a Trojan Horse).

It is not possible for a validly constructed image file to do that. By definition, a valid image file is one which can be processed without error by image-reading software to present the picture originally saved.

Something "carved onto bone" (or written on paper, or painted on a wall) would simply be processed by the camera's compression software as part of the input data, and would therefore simply be incorporated into the valid image file.


Reply 9 years ago

I would like to add that if an image viewer has bugs, it could possibly be made to die in horrible ways (incl. installation of virus - though stuffing that into your valid file might be hard) even with a valid image file. You could - when imaginative like me - make up a scenario where that happens ;-)

I would however not start sandboxing each picture in my browser over that though :-)