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Mono pole / single pole magnets!? Answered

I made a quite intersting discovery today.
The use of mixed orientations for a stronger or more directed field on one side and a much weaker on the other side of a magnet is nothing new. But if you check modern wind turbines or even just any old hard drive you find "chokes". I talked about shielding before but combining shielding a choking provides again another level of manipulation.

If you ask anyone who claims to know magentic field or sience in general then you right away hear: There is no such thing as magnet with just a single pole!
Like a battery one pole can't exist without the other!
Keep going and your conversation parten either get angry or declares you a nut case.

Also said before: The laws of nature and physics are not set in stone or complete for that matter!
We only use what we know, or to be precise what we told to take as facts.
A magnet with just one pole is impossible to manufacture, if you only think like making the magnet like any other magnet.
Even cutting it in half will only give you two normal magnets again.
Why is that so?

How are magnets made is what you need to know.
No matter the material they start as a blank and during the final processing an intense electromagnetic field is used to "prime" them.
Like you would do on a screwdriver the material then keeps the "charge" and becomes magnetic.
And this process requires a certain orientation.
Imagine a big hydraulic press to make the magnet with some super strong electromagnets right beside the forms.
Explains why you won't find a block magnet with the poles on opposing corners - the form is not designed to be rotated ;)

Ferrite magnets can often be machined.
If you mark the field direction of a block then you could just cut it into the shape you need.
Like a half moon, triangle, pyramid...
The orientation does not change, so you need to create the cuts so your required orientation matches the orignal block.
Creates a lot of waste, is messy and often the magnets shatter.
Still not possible to create a mono pole ;)
But it allows for a great deal of field manipulations.
For example a thick north and a thin south pole would show very different field strengths at the poles.

How to create a mono or single pole magnet then??
If you think outside modern science restraints it is suprisingly easy!
You see, unlike a battery the magnet does not care if the "current" flows back to its own pole or a pole from a different magnet.
In a hard drive the choked magnets have a field strength between them that is not just twice as much as th one from a single magnet.
The field between the magnets is very stable too!
No matter where you measure it is the same.
Place two magnets in the same configuration with the choke and all you get between them is a mess.
To understand the reality with magnets I need to explain a bit more though:

If it does not matter from where to where the field lines go the it becomes obvious that you can guide them.
Horse shoe magnets of the old kind where just two steel bars with a block magnet between them!
Take a compass and check from what distance your magnet will start to affect the orientation.
Now take two iron bars, rods, block or similar of about twice that length.
Place the compass between one end and the magnet between the other end.
Even with a little gap your compass will still move!
You just extended the length of the field lines and directed them somewhere else as it also works with odd shapes.
We know know and confirmed how choking works and as shielding is basically the same thing but for a different purpose you might get an idea where I am heading already.

A "potted" magnet, like what you find in a speaker or as a hook magnet utilises two destinct features.
a) A ring magnet is used.
b) The field lines are directed to a specific area.
One has them directed into a gap for a coil like in a wind turbine, the other to the surface to massively increase the field strenght in that area.
If you take either apart you will notice the magnet just by itself is considerably weaker.

Removing a pole from a magnet...
If you paid attention so far and have a few magnets around then you already developed a feeling for the difference.
Lets crank it up a notch, shall we?
Make this experiment:
Take two identical magnets and a soft steel bar or similar of lesser thickness than the magnets.
Usually around 2-3mm for smaller N52 Neodymiums will do.
If you dare make the steel the same size as the magnets.
Now place one magnet on the steel and use the other to observe the difference in feel.
There won't be much and both poles should still fell like before only that the field is now slightly longer.
Trying to get two magnets to touch at the same pole is really hard, but see what happens if you add the other magnet on the other side of the steel...
Despite having the same pole on the steel they won't repel and stick to the steel.
Checking the field now with a magnet provides a very different feel!
It is like having a magnet with a split pole where the opposing pole now is in the center.
Impossible I know but you have it in your hand, so deal with the explanation yourself ;)
And if that is so damn easy then how hard can it be to actually remove one pole fully?

Design of the impossible magnet...
If you want the south pole only then it would be the entire surface of your impossible magnet.
That means you either need to make sacrifices or get creative for the next steps.
Easiest from my experiments is to sacrifice like all scientists do and allow for some minor gaps.
I won't give any dimension or step by step instructions.
Think 3D and use your imagination.
Our impossible magnet starts from the center.
All magnets used should provide the same field strenght!
To be precise it means no matter their grade, the the "force" of the magnets should be as close to identical as possible even if the size is different.
You can use stacks or different types/grades...
The center is a square block of soft steel, or iron as pure as possible - it needs to have a low "resistance" if you compare them to batteries and to avoid confusing terms.
On this "dice" you place one magnet on each face, preferably of identical size to the block.
So, for a 10x10mm block you use 10x10mm magnets -simple isn't it.
All magnets are place with the same pole onto the block!
In out example to get the south pole outside you would use the north pole.
Now use six bigger magnet blocks for another layer.
This time they are placed in attraction mode, meaning you let them stick together naturally.
The resulting magnet will be far from perfect but you will have a hard time finding a strong attraction to the soth pole of a magnet if you move it around your cube.
If you check the geometry you will now see how 45° degree angles and matching sizes for the blocks would be beneficial.
Using ferrite magnets you can machine them to the desired size and use a thin aluminium or breass frame to hold the outside properly together, like edging on a fancy tranport box or chest.
Check the magnet now and try to find anything else but a destict south pole on all faces and corners.
No more nother pole....

Does that mean it really is a mono or single pole magnet?
Since modern science does not even consider a construction like this to be worth testing you already know the anser.
For those working on a different level with magnets it will be a true single pole magnet.
For the rest it will just be another fake.
As by science a permanent magnet is defined to have two poles and to have field lines going from one pole to the other.
All modern machines using them operate on this principle and "fact".
But if I would give you a block of steel that has a core of lets say brass and a suffien wall thickness...
Then this block would appear to be a steel block and nothing else.
Modern science fails to see a magnet any other than a battery!
If the "current" does not need to go back to same pole and there is no need for the field lines to go back to the outside pole then it is a single ple magnet like the faked box is a steel box.
The physical outcome or in our case magnetic field is what defines it!

The contra...
All good has some bad, magnets are no different.
Purely scientific viewed it would be impossible to create a gap free magnet like I described.
And because never all field lines will take the shortcut there will still be a small amount of "north pole" to be found on the outside.
But if that is in the range of about 1% of the field strength of the magnet then I say it can be neglected for almost all real life uses of such a magnet.
Like the Halbach Array it is just a neat way of manipulating and if you like bending the known interpretation of our scientific understanding.
Possible uses for these magnets exclude convention designs and for this reason alone anything you create with them will be the target of scepticism to say it nice.

Ok then, what real life uses could there be for something we never needed?
The question is the answer, as the impossible magnet is the solution.
Ever watched these shopping shows in the night program?
"It solves problems you didn't even know you might get..."
Means that if you ever get the ide that your project requires a single pole magnet then you know how to make one ;)
All I can up with would go against common scientific understanding and teachings, so I will spare you with my use cases ;)

And what is missing here to actually make it work?
Quite a lot as you might have noticed in your experiments if you use really good test equippment.
Not so much however if you consider what I said about shielding and choking ;)
Provide a path of far less resistance and shield the rest that still bothers you.
I am not providing a ready to go model here that you can buy, someone else will do that if they see a financial gain it.
My gain is provide a new understanding of things we forgot by giving your brain things to work with and develop.
You might still say in the end that my way (or your results) are not good enough in some way.
But then please also consider how many other people or documents you might be able to find that would have provided you with this information.
Free energy is only a myth for as along as we allow ourselfs to only trust what modern science allows us to have.
Allow the old knowledge in and every now and then simple ignore what you know and things become possible sooner than you might think.
Wind and water were used as a source of free energy since the dawn of mankind.
Our first motorised boats used the same "wheels" we already trusted to be driven by water to power a mill, saw or similar.
And after we learned about motors we also found a way to make wind - by reversing our trusted wind mills into a fan.
Instead of using the free energy to generate power for us we evolved to use create wind and propulsion by providing power to drive the same thin in reverse.
Using the sun for power other by using a mirror was seen as witchcraft throughout history, then we got solar cells...
Same for heat in the form of peltier elements and other things...
Why then should magnets be any different??
Just "Because it is so!" did not work for wind, water and solar, not even for heat....
All it takes is a little notch in the right direction to change the way we think about magnets.
We have no problem using electromagnets to make a motor spin.
We have no problem using magnetic field of any kind to drive motors or generate electricity.
We even fail to have a problem by manipulation electromagnetic fields for that purpose.
But we struggle like an ant in sand hole to reach the surface again to see what is outside our trap before something grabs us from behind when it comes to permanent magnets.
Even worse if you dare to claim your magnetic machine delivers a higher output energy than what you use to make it run.
And wasn't it exactly the same ignorance and manifested "knowledge" that got revised so many times throughout history already?
Again: Why should magnets or their understanding of interaction be any different?
If you follow the above with just matching magnets and the core cube then the result will be at least very surprising to you.
Allow this surprise to be an inspiration to improve instead of seeing as a proof of failure ;)
And if you made it then please post about it here.
Let me know what disappointed you with the outcome.
Let me know what really got you wondering.
Let me know if you found a suffiently strong north pole to rival the impossible southpole! ;)
Start sharing, make other people wonder and make them share it to, let us go viral!
The first to post a conclusive Youtube video with results is certain to get a lot, lot, lot attention....


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