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My Sidearm Answered

Hello everybody, as some of you might of saw I just made a new pistol and I'm making it my new sidearm. But, I know it doesn't have a mag and one is going to be added today. Also, I will post if I get asked to and that will include the new update with the mag plus these new updates.

Mag (Mabey 6 or 7 rounds)
More power (that is a update in the trigger)

So, if you want it to be posted I will do it. Also, it really helps me when you guys leave a comment or something like that so please keep it up. On another note if you want it posted leave a comment saying so or send me a pm and I'll resond as sone as I can. 

Btw these picures are without the mag just keep that in mind AND sorry to ramble but the mag WON'T be in the handle because of the mech of the non rubber-band trigger inside there aswell as the curves for comfort in the handle.




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