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Old Makita Drill Answered

I have an old cordless Makita drill the water guy left at our house 15 years ago, I found in my shed with the charger :-). The battery is pretty much completely dead, and I don't want to buy a new $40 one or zap it with a welder. How can I turn it into a Corded drill or use a different battery with it? It is the kind that stores the battery in the handle. 9.6V Battery.


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11 years ago

Theoretically if you match up the output of the battery you should be able to run a wire straight through the battery compartment.

1. Check the output of the flat battery, find a way to convert(transform?) AC power to that output.
2. Open the battery and take out the batteries, then run a wire from the battery circuit board contacts to AC.

(Assuming the battery pack is configured with a battery and circuit board.