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Open Source Farm Robotics Answered

Not sure where to post this, but it's something that will be of interest to others and use one often comes here for ideas and to get help for this guys project as it has massive potential as its Open Source Tech.


if anyone has any ideas or wants to see about forking some stuff back and forth suspect that the Designer will be happy to chat. One was thinking that he hydroponic groups, lighting groups, ardeno enthusiasts, raspberry geeks, hardware hackers etc. However, its getting word out and getting the right people to hear about it...

It has potential one feels to help change how we approach Open Source.



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3 years ago

Here is a FarmBot project in Taiwan (https://blog.techdesign.com/build-automation-farm-farmbot-taiwan/) . Since FarmBot is getting matured and has greatly contributed to the whole world, the group hope that FarmBot could connect more sensors and devices to fully monitor smartly, harvest and disinsect automatically.