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Pololu pushbutton power switch module control issue Answered

Hello all:

I'm using the low-voltage version of the Pololu pushbutton power switch module to power up/down an Arduino Mini project.  You can see it here:

It works great, with an exception; if someone presses the single Pololu power switch while the Arduino is ON, it powers it off again.

This may be normally what you want, but it isn't in my case.  I'd like the circuit to act like this:

1- wait for button press
2- push button
3- Pololu applies power to Arduino
4- Arduino boots up, loops until 30 seconds has passed.  After 30 seconds, send POWER OFF signal to Pololu.
5- Pololu powers Arduino down.
6- goto 1

It works like that, BUT if someone presses the button again during that 30 seconds, the Pololu powers the unit off right away.  I'd like to somehow disallow that, electronically.

Anyone have any ideas?




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