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Reseting arduino? Answered

I bought an arduino (duemilanove) and uploaded the blink example (flashing light). Now when I plug it in it flashes. How do I reset it or does the old programing  delete its self when I put somthing else on.



Best Answer 8 years ago

The existing prog gets over written as Steve says. Usually there is an interrupt generated by the programming software which causes the boot loader to check if there is any new programme to load, sometimes they simple check p[periodically.

I don't know for this device but all PICs have a reset pin which when pulled high will reset the processor the data sheet should guide you.

This is why I like the Picaxe - cheaper - easier to programme unless you need to learn C and a lot of the tacky stuff is written into the boot loader on the chip - no having to down load library etc.

their documentation is also very good and a good general guide even if not using the actual Picaxe device.

see www.picaxe.com


8 years ago

It resets when you program it with new code.
The internal memory space of the arduino is split into two.
One part contains what is called a "bootloader", which works for a few seconds after the processor resets, and accepts a new program for the board, it automatically erases the program space in the other memory space for the new sketch.

If the right commands aren't received, then your program starts.