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Rewire headphones Answered

I have a sonyericsson handsfree connector that I would like to use on a phone that takes a 3.5 plug. The hands free is nice because there is a 3.5 female jack where the mic is so that I can use the earphones of my choice yet still be able to use the mic. I snipped off the sony ericsson connector and found 5 'threads': 2 'threads' seem like actual cotton threads (one red and one blue), 2 seem like very thin sheathed copper wire, and one seems like unsheathed copper wires. I have a 3.5 male plug that I would like to connect them to but do not know how. I've held the 2 sheathed wires stripped and unsheathed copper wires to the plug while its been plugged in but hear nothing. Is it possible to connect up these wires to the jack so that it will work? Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.


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8 years ago


have look and u can to find your solution.

i have 2 nos of earphone and want to convert it to normal 3.5 mm 4 pin jack.

i think you can use
1. 3 OR 4 Pin no for mic[ as only one connection is available in 4 pin jack]
2. You may have to leave out 1 Pin no also
rest is OK
revert back with success or issue


10 years ago

most likely you will need a 4-way jack. typically the wiring is as follows (asume the jack is hanging tip-down from its cable):


Then the pinout is:

4: Ground
3: Mic
2: Right
1: Left

1,2 and 4 are the same as on 3-way jacks. You should try your google-fu at finding the pinout (or schematic) for your new phone, just to make sure. But this will probably work. Be very careful not to shorten any of the rings! Check all possible combinations for shorts with your trusty multimeter (measure the resistance, for example. if it's below 30 Ohms, you have to rework the connection)
If you have a short between any other jack contacts than 4 and 3 (those are "shorted" on 3-way jacks, so they can't be a problem), you might damage your phone.

You should make sure your phone uses a 3.5 jack, and not a 2.5 jack. If its a 2.5 jack the tip of the plug I believe goes to the mic the middle goes to the speakers ,and the base is ground, and it would only be capable of mono sound.