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SEW DIFFERENCE! How to transform throw-away T-shirt into a wave of T-shirt? Answered

It's difficult for me to throw away my T-shirt, they like my friends, we do have deep feelings with each other. So I decide to transform them, to give new life to them. 
Here are what I tried. Actually, I do like sewing things in my daily life:).
I share a brief recipe at Instructables. You can review https://www.instructables.com/id/Minimal-Crossover-Vintage-style-Camisole/.
Basically, I just have fun. However, more and more people were attracted and give me suggestions on how to design better, which inspire me to redesign more creative cloth. 
In addition, I encourage everyone to redesign their own thing but not throw them away, because the things you used in your daily life  stands for your emotions in that stage, it's your life and your own thing. We can transform them or send someone who need it.
Hopefully, DIY makes things different and make you different.


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