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Tennis Project Collaboration Answered

I roughed out a design (reversed engineered from various pictures) a tennis ball rebounder for a co-worker but it doesn’t look like he has the interest to build it anymore.  It’s a nice piece of equipment for anyone that likes to play tennis since you can set it up in driveway or basement. 

Here are a couple of examples:
Video 1
Video 2

I would like to do an instructables collaboration on the project with someone that would find this useful.  I would tweak the design (overall size, hardware, etc.) with your inputs. 

Your responsibilities:
  • Buy the materials which I’m estimating at less than $100.  Note that purchased versions cost up to $500.
  • Build it - requires only a saw and drill
  • Take a few pictures of the build and final product.
  • Help with the documentation if needed 
In the end, it is your rebounder to enjoy.  See my past instrucables for examples of my work/documentation. 



3 years ago

Here is the initial concept