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Terrible People Answered

I recently was transferred by my job to another store.  I was quite excited, and looked forward to making a new start.

But, only after five work days, I hear people are already talking behind my back, something I had been very careful to avoid.

One person, who shares the same position as I, asked me to do something, but then after I left work, got me in trouble with my boss for the very thing she told me to do.

Another thing is that I chose to tell two people at work about getting a new apartment (as to not be called in when I moved), but accidentally let slip something about my personal life.  A person who I trust told me that seven people had already come up to her to "dish the gossip" (her words, not mine), about my life.  

What the bloody he** is going on here?

I had started this new job with the idea that "work people are work people, and they will stay at a distance", and to be friendly, but not try to be friends with everyone.  Treat co-workers with respect, but leave it at that.

I had not strayed one bit from this plan.  I did my job according correctly, and was very polite and friendly.  What could have went wrong?



8 years ago

Some workplaces are more back-stabby than others. The last place I worked was rife with people who would take credit for others' work while telling lies aobut them. Even the better people were odd - can you imagine a supervisor demanding that an okra-hating underling plant & tend a bunch of okra at home so that he/she could supply supervisor with free fresh produce?

Lithium Rain

8 years ago


I don't have much helpful to say, I'm afraid, except that people suck - machines are better.


Reply 8 years ago

You want back in? I'm afraid I can't do that Dave.....


8 years ago

1. Workplace politics are always touchy. So you walked on a landmine your first week at work. Take it as a lesson.

2. Your personal life is your personal life. Gossip only comes from people who have no life. They have more problems than you so don't sweat it.

3. Stay calm and carry on.