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The Future Of Nuclear Energy Answered




Nuclear energy is sometimes referred to as pollutant energy or “bad” energy.

This is some what true but in the case of research  there is no “bad” waste being emitted from the reactions that undergo in theses reactors. Commercial Nuclear Reactors or CNRs do produce

a lot of residue. They produce this residue by using their fuel so much to the point of radioactive waste. Small Research Reactors or SRRs do not do this, instead of using it up they produce new isotopes that can be useful instead of becoming waste.


So why don't we use SRRs? We do not use SRRs because of financial and safety.

The safety concern comes in when the reactors are able to undergo Nuclear fission witch releases huge amounts of heat that no current materiel known to men kind is capable of withstanding.

The other type of SRR is safe and financially friendly but does not produce electricity instead it uses approximately 1 million volts DC, but produces isotopes from elements such as Hydrogen witch is found in water.


In conclusion nuclear energy has not ended.



8 years ago

interesting, though, new reactors are sometimes included with secondary reactors which use the waste as fuel.
Bad energy is now good energy!


8 years ago

The other problem of research reactors is that they generally require HEU fuel and produce some quantity of plutonium as a reaction product. Those two issues combined make SRRs a more significant hazard for diversion than commercial power-production reactors.