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Time/date based portable digital voice recording system? See Collaborations Answered

I’m new to instructables & need input for digital voice recording system for memory impaired people (no short term memory) Need to record real time based voice all day/ everyday in stealth mode. Need time & stamped into recording/ otherwise it is too time-consuming & software intense & $$ to be practical/ which means it will not work. Never working in the past because of hassles with analog tape systems & not time/date linked. Music industry had the newest digital voice recorders w removable memory but not time based & microphones choice is wide range especially w/o experience. Need to search & recall audio files using an appointment type schedule or Day-Timer as a reference. Controls need to be simple on/off, preferably on by default (remember, users r memory impaired & will forget to turn things on). Without time base into original recording, it's hard to delete not needed recording time files. I'm now thinking small camcorders can record higher quality, be time based/ & provide more control, options, etc over regular recording. Brain injuries & dementia cause most memory loss problems. This system is considered adaptive equipment for disabilities. I'm hope instructables has the users with technical background who can help with this project because I'm @ a standstill pulling it together. Anyone with electrical audio engineering background? How many M's r out there? Digital audio combines new stuff from several industries. Mics from music & hearing aids, stealth portable wiring already in mp3 jackets & vests. Anyone interested? I don’t know how collaborations work & this may be the first according to the website? rafdo designs


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