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Turbo Boost Rippin Rockets question Answered

I was wondering if anyone knows if the Turbo Boost Rippin Rockets engine that propels the cars works with other/all K'Nex rollercoaster cars and tracks?  



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6 years ago

Ahh..... That was a fun kit. To my knowledge, having owned 5 other classic knex coasters, no. Reason being is that the motors are made to have contact with an object with a particular width a height. I have the cars from the Storm mountain set (I believe it was called that?) and it's too wide and too tall, so it gets stuck on the top of the motors frame. I also have some orange rollercoaster cars ( not sure what kit they came from, it was part of a bunch of pieces from a garage sale) and it's to narrow to have adequate contact with the wheels of the motor.

In a shorter summary statement, not all K'nex rollercoaster cars work with that engine. Some might, being that I don't have all of the coaster the K'nex company ever created, but the chances are pretty slim.

I would continue to search the internet while keeping the width and height of the car in mind.

Good Luck