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Type of Animation Answered

So I saw this video which is a wonderful video on physics:


I really love the video content but was unsure about the name of the type of animation she used. Also, I was unsure about how I could go about doing this type of animation or similar.

A few days ago, it struck me that technically speaking, she could have drawn a frame and then redrawn it multiple times and played them.

Unfortunately, this is a huge amount of work to do so I was also wondering whether there was a faster way to achieve this type of animation (assuming I already have all the frames for a regular animation without the moving lines). I am not exactly a genius in the art and animation field but was very curious.

I guess it would be possible to do a small scale animation like a title where I could write a title or something and then redraw it five or six times as close as possible and make it a GIF image but again, on a larger scale there would be a huge amount of work that would needed to be done.



6 years ago

This type of animation reminds me of Bill Plympton's cartoons. It is hard to say what kind of animation is since you can achieve many things with computers nowadays. Probably it is a pencil drawn animation where each drawing was painstakingly photographed.