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Vacuum pump Answered

Hi fellow iblers

has anyone ever made a vacuum pump for a vacuum chamber out of an aquarium air pump before? Does it pull a good enough vacuum if you modify it? please respond someone. Thanks


Jack A Lopez

24 days ago

Good enough for what?

It turns out there is a very wide range of vacuum quality.

Usually whenever someone asks this forum about vacuum, I point him or her towards the, "Some Vacuum Basics" page at www.belljar.net


In particular, there is a graphic on that page, figure 2,


I think this is a good graphic, because it gives kind of an overview of a lot of vacuum science and applications, all in one graphic.

I am guessing your, modified aquarium pump would be capable of maybe 100 torr, or around 1/10 of typical atmospheric pressure (which would actually be around 76 torr = 760/10) in the same category as other reciprocating piston pumps, as seen on the lower, left side, of that graphic.


24 days ago

It's not going to have the power to pull a vacuum. Compare the size, weight, amp draw to what most people rig up, a refrigerator compressor. Search around for a junked refrigerator or freezer and look up vac projects for one. RJF