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Water softner keeps overflowing! Answered

hello!hope everyone is safe and healthy!i have a water softner in my celler for well water.we pour our bags of salt but i notice that the water overflows past a certain point and leaks.any way to stop this?(im from the city lol).and also anyway to remove salt from the walls?the splashing hit the dry wall so its bubbling full of dry salt.thanks!


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

11 months ago

Yes, when it rains it pours.


That is probably an ancient English idiom. Curiously, the same phrase was adopted as an advertising slogan by the Morton Salt company, for whom the phrase means something completely different.

You know, these ion exchange water softeners, like any appliance they have a method, a game plan, that motivates their actions. Also they often have some sensors, or timers, or something, to inform this game plan.

I can guess at two possible reasons for a water softener overflowing, but this list is not exhaustive. The problem with your softener might be something I cannot guess.

One is the case of the user filling the brine compartment with so much salt, that there is no room for salt and water both in that compartment.

I mean, every time the softener makes a new batch of brine (salty water), it has to flood that compartment with some volume of water. Then it lets that water sit, and soak up salt, and that is how it makes a new batch of brine.

The other reason I can imagine, is a failure of the water softener to measure that volume of water correctly, and that might be caused by trouble with the flow sensor... if a flow sensor is the method it is using to measure its batches of water.

I am guessing this trick, of measuring volumes of water, by integrating the signal from a flow sensor, is a trick typical for water softeners, because it can use the same trick to measure the volume of water it moves through the resin bed; i.e. the water that gets softened.

If you can find a service manual for your water softener, that manual will likely explain the details particular to your softener, and like, how it senses things, and what could possibly go wrong.

Regarding cleaning up salt: The usual plan for cleaning up salt is to absorb it with water. You know, like, wipe it down with a wet rag. Then wring the salt water out of the rag. Then repeat, by soaking the rag in fresh water.

And if that does not work for your de-salting your drywall... Well, you know, sections of drywall can be cut out and replaced.