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What exactly are patches? Answered

I've noticed a lot of people thanking each other for sending patches or something like that and I also noticed that there is a 'send patch' option on my profile. I'm new to this site so I don't really get it. Neither could I find any information about this topic on the site.



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9 years ago

Patches are digital signs of approval that can be sent by pro members - if you do something cool, somebody might send you a patch as a sign of appreciation, or as a thank you.

Site admins send patches for things like being featured in the newsletter, or winning a contest.

I occasionally run unofficial contests with patches as the prize, such as the one below I used as a prize in a haiku contest.

Patch DIY-ku.png

Reply 9 years ago

Ohh cool. @_@ I thought it was something like that annoying poke option on facebook.