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What is Co2 Laser Cut. Should i use any gas? without gas, will it cut the materialst? Answered



2 years ago

Hi This is Alice from Jinan Finework cnc machinery co,ltd ,we are specialized in laser machines .The co2 laser cutting machine can cut two kind material ,one kind is metal material and one kind is unmetal material .When you cut metal material ,you will need use the oxygen to assist the cutting ,and when cutting unmetal material no need use the oxygen but will use the air support .So usually the machine supplier will send customer air pump ,if cutting metal machine will also add one oxygen controller .


10 years ago

A CO2 laser is a laser which uses carbon dioxide as its lasing medium. Many industrial lasers used to be CO2 lasers since it's a relatively cheap and easy design to build. That's all they're saying -- that they used a CO2 laser to make the cut. If you want to build your own -- not powerful enough to cut anything, but the concept of building an ultraviolet laser completely from scratch is sorta fun -- search backissues of Scientific American; there was a complete design in one of the old Amateur Scientist columns. (Which, by the way, are a wonderful resource for serious Makers who want to do serious Home Science.)