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What is (are) a Private RSS Feed? Answered

So, I was messing with my account settings, and I saw "Enable Private RSS Feed" or something like that. What I want to know is, what is a Private RSS feed, what does it do, and do I use it? Now, before anyone tells me to google it, or is "kind" enough to Google it for me, I already Googled, "What are Private RSS feeds?" with no helpful results.



10 years ago

If you turn this on it will generate two unique RSS feeds for your account. One for your comments and orange board, the other for your in box. These are not 100% private, you don't need a password to access them. (Which is why it's optional to turn them on.) But the address of the feed is a bunch of random letters so no one should be able to guess it. It looks like: feed/key/AFG7JDFGGNP4TSZNPWQ23FVSFG2/backtalk.xml Once you turn them on you can turn them off at any time or click a button to change the random key. (Unfortunately true private RSS feeds aren't possible since the protocol doesn't support passwords. This is pretty much the closest you can get.)

Lithium RainRock Soldier

Reply 10 years ago

You can c/p those urls into a program called a feed reader, which will then alert you when you have new comments and/or pms without you having to log into the site and check manually. :)

GrathioRock Soldier

Reply 10 years ago

Since I covered the "Private" part, I'm guessing you're unclear on the RSS feed part.

RSS is a condensed way to get updates on a bunch of web sites all in one place. A person uses program or web site called an RSS reader to 'subscribe' to RSS feeds. Examples might be news headlines, your favorite blogs, or a discussion board you want to follow.

Any time there are updates to the site the RSS feed is updated and you can see the updates in your RSS reader program.

The big advantage of this is that you can see updates from all your favorite web sites as they happen, without having to visit them all the time.

Most new web browsers have an RSS reader built in, or you can use a web tool like Google Reader.

To subscribe to a page's feed, find the orange icon (like you see below, though usually smaller) and click on it. If you don't see an icon like that on the page there might be one up in the address bar.

So to sum up, if you don't want to get updates from Instructables as Emails, you have the option of getting them as RSS updates. The "private" part is that you'll only see your updates. (Most RSS feeds are public, in that everyone can read them.)

lemonieRock Soldier

Reply 10 years ago

Really Simple Syndication. It's a format for a web-site data feed.
Read about it here if you're interested.