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What props/armor are a must-make in the DIY world? Answered

I'm currently looking towards making something like weapons, armors, etc., specifically those with origins from movies, cartoons, video games, etc. Other than the ones everyone does such as Halo, Iron Man, knight armor, etc. what other armor, weapons, or accessories are a must-make or just plain awesome? Think along the lines of something like the Batman gauntlet, except from movies (or something) that are old but still remembered and cool.

Also thinking of a long term project of a chiken-walker mech costume, exoskeleton costume (NOT Iron Man), or AT-RT. What do you think?


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10 years ago

I think that's a matter of which ones appeal most to _YOU_. Some folks want modern, some want ancient, some want futuristic. Some will loathe the same source that others can't wait to replicate. Some are concerned only about looks, some want function, some want serious historical accuracy.

I'd suggest picking a time period and persona, and building a complete set of equipment for that character. Then pick another and repeat. OR, pick a theme of some sort and use that to suggest what you might want to display in your collection.

(Personally, I've got a very specific idea for scale mail -- purely for costume-contest purposes -- which I will tackle someday, but other than that I'm not interested in most weapons or armor for their own sake.)