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Where can I find a keychain-sized device to hash passwords? Answered

Where can I find a device that can fit on a key chain or in a wallet (cell phones and graphing calculators don't count) and can perform a common cryptographic hash (like MD5 or SHA1) on a short phrase? I know there are proprietary single-use password generators and devices that store cryptographic keys, but I am curious if there are devices that use a well-publicized hash on the entered phrase but store nothing.



5 years ago

he talking about HARDWARE keychain passwords generator/keeper. actually i looking for dat device too. something on PIC with 2-3 line little screen and few buttons. i saw on net some devices already present, but only one-time password gen/keeper - for banking i guess. but i want packet personal generator (all symbols, not numbers only) with varying length (16-24 for example) and comment (64 symbols maybe enough) inline every passwd line (should be scroll left-right by 2 little buttons on sides of screen). so i can store all my strong passwords for online services and offline too (CC pins, etc.). also i want to have possibility to make backup self memory to external usb flash (needs only micro-usb port). if you loosed device - you can get another one and restore from backup flash back to device and then you can change it everywhere if necessary. some ppl can say its will be not useful for them, but i'm sure, its what i want (and maybe someone else). I hope someone will create dat device soon. :)

ps: version number 2 can be looks like usb flash drive but with same functionality as v1 included, so you can plug dat key in computer in usb port and OS will unlock by self. i saw someone made dat usb-key already. combine with HW gen/keeper in same dongle will be awesome.


Answer 5 years ago

its can look like little cylinder with screen (1 line i think is possible too, if necessary) and usb port (like flash drive).


10 years ago

wat do u want to use it for pcs or wat u can just add som hackware to ur junk drive and set wit a auto extract/run or run it in ur boot