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Where can I (legally) get Photoshop CS2 for OSX? Answered

My sister has a four-year-old MacBook (OSX, PS CS2 installed) with cracked hinges, and she's looking at getting a new computer before this piece of plastic crap falls apart completely. Currently looking at a low-end MacBook Pro, but that's not the question.

She's a part-time professional photographer, and needs Photoshop. She currently has CS2 but due to certain circumstances can't install it on another computer. Is there still a place to buy CS2 at an appropriate old-software discount? CS5 is way out of price range, and she's familiar with and likes CS2, so no reason for anything else. Oh, and no GIMP. I've asked.


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8 years ago

Well you could download it, and it is *technically* illegal, but Adobe doesn't sell CS2 anymore as far as I'm aware and therefore your not impacting on anyone's income by downloading it. Just thought I'd put it out there...not that I'm endorsing it by any means *cough*...


8 years ago

You probably can't, unless you can find someone who happens to be selling a used copy. That's assuming the license agreement permits reselling it; I'm not sure what Adobe's policy is on this.


Answer 8 years ago

One possible suggestion: Contact Adobe directly and ask them whether they'd be willing to let you buy the current version and downgrade to an earlier version.

DON'T expect to save money by doing so. The publisher is much MUCH happier if the old copies go out of circulation; they don't want to have to spend any more time supporting ancient copies than they absolutely have to. (I spend a bit too much of my own time doing exactly that, and it annoys me every time a bug report about old code interrupts my attempts to make the current product better.)