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ads appearing in pro version. AGAIN Answered

Ads pop up when using the embedded link to jump from the instructable email to any particular instructable shown in the email. My avatar is up, showing that I am logged in, yet the ads are still there. In fact, the whole experience is very non-Pro: won't show all steps at once and ads are all over the place. Logging out and logging back in doesn't help because finding the particular instructable becomes difficult. Logging in and then switching back to the email to click the particular instructable used to be the work around, but now it just opens a new window as if I am not logged in. Help a brother out?
macbook pro, Safari 9.1.2, OS X 10.9.5



Reply 3 years ago

I have avoided using any sort of ad blocking software so far bc I like a "free" internet, and believe that the people who worked to build this site and continue to keep it running deserve to be able to GET PAID. Good intentions won't feed the kids or keep the lights on. When people (ad firms) get greedy and start running too many ads, the site becomes more chore than pleasure to use and users leave; or shell out a few bucks for relief from annoyance; or help out and receive said relief for their efforts.


Reply 3 years ago

Same here... I wouldn't like to work without getting paid (even if it's only 10%, or something like that)

I think that people that use adblock either don't realise what they're doing, or are greedy. Simple.


3 years ago

That happened to me about a week ago, for a couple days. I have no idea how it stopped/I fixed it...