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lazer following display help Answered

I was wondering if it is possible to have an icon or marker show on a screen where you are pointing, as a screen displaying a camera feed and an icon to show where it is pointing. My initial idea is to use a laser pointer and an icon to show on the screen where it points by using the colour of the pointer. 

I simply wish to see if its possible in one way or another and what methods there are.
(not sure I am phrasing it right so apologies if I need to clarify it further)
thank you for any information you can you can give me


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3 years ago

Let me see if I follow you correctly here...
You want to point a laser on a screen to then show where the laser is?
Isn't that excatly what a mouse would do?
The laser would be well visible on the screen too, so why the additional pointer?
If you check for "airmouse" then you find stuff that might do what you need out of the box....

Otherwise please explain in more detail please...


Reply 3 years ago

My apologies I should have made it clear. the laser pointer would be for example pointing at a wall and the icon on the screen would highlight where on the wall it points, similar to a camera following the lazer but instead the displayed icon follows it. kind of the reticle in shooter games.