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I have stumbled across this website years ago, and always found lots of fascinating projects here

Since then ive also noticed that while its a community and people love to collaborate here, the design and layout of the website doesn't seem to lend itself so well to the task of collaborative projects

we really are not making the best of the brain power that's here,

wouldn't  it be great if people could search for projects to get involved in,, and published projects could list people and skills needed to make it happen.
for example if i want to design a low cost wind turbine, to help bring power to remote places,
im looking for engineers, aerodynamic specialists. and 3d designers to help develop it.

Can we have a way to help these people to find each other?  and then an area where work can be set out and people can jump in and fill in the blanks.

With the way the world and consumption of its resources is going, websites like this one, and the power the internet gives us to put our heads and efforts together to solve common problems is going to be vital




6 years ago

The collaboration you're looking for really needs face-to-face meetings in real life, which wouldn't really work on this site.

If you're just looking for information, that is already possible, and already done, via the Q&A and Forums sections. If more than one person wants to work on the same project, that is easily done via the Collaboration function seen when you actually start writing an Instructable (the classic example being this project from 2008).


6 years ago

There is a collaboration feature in making Instructables that allows more than one member to contribute to the project; however there isn't an easy way to find individuals with a specific skill set that you can verify (at least not that I'm aware of). I can tell you there are many professionals (teachers, engineers etc) who are Instructables members, and the best way to determine if they would be interested in collaborating in a project would be to post the initial information in the forums (like you have done). Following that there are PM's (private messages), to continue the discussion.