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help me out to get 12V output for battery charging from this UPS transformer (600VA)(240Vac)? Answered

the following images . I'm not able to get 12V output, but is supposed to provide 12V+ to charge the battery(12V). how to find the input to ac 240v  and output of 12volt to charge a battery 
plz help me i will tell u primary section 3  wire and colour  one is  (red) ,middle one brown and last one blue
and secondary section there is is 6 wires first is yellow wire ,blue wire , third is green wire  4th is brown wire , 5th is red wire and last is black wire plz help me find input 230v wires in primary and find 12volt for battery charging  wires


Dhana sankar

11 months ago

Which one is 12volt secondary 3wire and which is 230volt ac 2wire

pbphgarenaDhana sankar

Reply 7 weeks ago

We have the same transformer and i don't
even know the output too


10 months ago

Hi, Give input 230v in secondary section in 6 wires use yellow and black,yellow as phase and black as neutral. In primary section red is no connection, use only blue and brown. To convert DC use bridge rectifier,IN 4007 diode,1000uf 25v capacitor as a filter.

Josehf Murchison

2 years ago

The thick red blue and brown wires should be your inverter circuit input.

The small black and red should be service voltage in.

The small brown and green should be battery charging.

The small blue and yellow should be service voltage out.

Check them with a meter.


2 years ago

You need to be able to use a $8 Volt / ohm meter/.

Find the high resistance coils and wire them in series using the safety 60 w incandescent light bulb for safety when you plug it into 240 VAC the first time and measure the secondary output voltage...

If there is no smoke or fire try it again without the light bulb and see if you measure 12VAC..

Please be sure to click on the picture to see the entire image !

Jack A Lopez

2 years ago

If you pulled this transformer out of a working uninterruptable power supply (UPS), you probably should have left it there. I mean, that is supposing the goal is to use this thing to charge a battery.

In my mind, I can sort of imagine a UPS, without a 12 volt battery. It has a place, two wires, to which a battery can be connected. Supposing you connect another, different, 12 volt battery to the UPS, and then plug the UPS into the mains. Maybe it will start charging the battery? That is what it is made to do, right?

But starting with just a lone transformer? This is not easy. To sort of explain this without explaining everything about electricity, about AC, about DC, about voltage and current, about rectifier circuits, and regulator circuits, I am going to instead offer an analogy.

Suppose you cut the heart out of a hamster, and now you say, "I want this beating hamster heart to turn a wheel. How do I hook up the hamster heart to a wheel, to make the wheel turn?"

Well, it would be better if the heart were still in the hamster, and you just let the hamster turn the wheel. Making wheels turn,


is something hamsters do naturally.

But you say, "No. No. I want the hamster heart to turn the wheel directly, without any of those other unnecessary hamster parts."

And what I'm trying to say is those other parts were necessary.

I hope this analogy makes sense.