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how to make ambient RBG that run on computer PSU? Answered

I plan to buy a Arduino board (Duemilanove) and that can connect to computer so I can changing color...(or changing color by itself via programming)...But I dont know wire them together to make them work. My plan is trying to make my computer tower light up at night and changing color by itself. I only need about 6 RBG leds in one Arduino board and power it by using 12v power supply ( I have Corsair HX 1000w). Please help me thank you



9 years ago

the Arduino Mega has 14 PWM pins so you can control up to 4 RGB LEDs but frollard is right you will need a transistor/mofset to boost the power enough to connect the LED lights
the nice thing is you can get all the power you need from the computer power supply in both 5 and 12v


10 years ago

The corsair is a bit overkill, but it will definitely work (with what might be a bit modification to make the psu power up without a computer). The arduino can create 3 channels of colour out of the box - but then you also need power transistors to switch the load to the high power leds. Each arduino pin can't support more than a few smaller leds each...or it will fry the atmega. use the psu's 5 volt to power the arduino, and use the arduino to switch 5 or 12 volts for the leds.