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what to do with bluejeans strips? Answered




10 years ago

A while back I played around a little with book binding and was covering the notebooks in blue jeans with varying degrees of success.


10 years ago

This question's always been a real toughie....

  • Make a bag for your yoga mat or any other long narrow object you sometimes need to carry around (telescope? mailing/document tube? pet python?).
  • My mom told me that her aunt (yes, I am reaching here :) had a tablecloth made out of bluejeans strips very artfully selected and pieced together alongside each other. mom said that my great-aunt's careful color/fade matching & contrasting and quality piecing work made it a really nice (much more so than you'd expect from a "bluejeans tablecloth"). I never saw the tablecloth myself, but I've always meant to try to make one like it.
  • That makes me wonder if you could make a bluejeans bargello quilt? (If you could get it to come out nicely, it'd be something to write home about.)
  • Maybe weave them together basket-weave style and make a small (or large) rug???

...tolja this one's a toughie. :)