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when i put my lcd hp 1502 put on the screen goes blink? Answered

i have an hp 1502 LCD monitor. a weak before it start problem, as when i on it the screen goes blink white just after having a glimpse of the desktop view and when i do on and off it for several times it goes right but i faced the same problem each time when on it....
  whats the problem within... 




8 years ago

I think it's more likely that it is on of the ribbon cables that make the connection between the motherboard and the screen. You should try carefully unplugging one end then plugging it back in again making sure to get all the pins in the right location.

I'd do the screen connections first. They are usually easier to get to. THen try the computer if it works great if not then do the motherboard side.

If it were the capacitors I would expect that it would not come back on and work right.

Bad capacitors certainly have caused a large number of problems but they are not to blame in all cases.


8 years ago

you need to replace capacitors on the monitors power supply. look at this instruct able it is most likely the cause... https://www.instructables.com/id/FREE-17%22-LCD-Monitor---How-to-do-it%3F/