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where can i get components (such as: springs, buttons, gears)to make steampunk stuff? Answered

i want to make steampunk stuff but i`m not sure if i can steal any of those lego gears from anybody. any onther ideas where to get them?



Best Answer 10 years ago

Old clocks? Find a place that sells junk and see what they've got going cheap. L

Manick Yoj

7 years ago

I absolutely agree with the flea market answer. However, a few of my most useful sources are missing from this listing. Although this may go a bit beyond the scope of your question, I hope it will be helpful to other users who are also seeking steampunk parts. Especially if you are willing to ask nicely, then you can find a wealth of material from some of the following:

-Construction Sites & Roofers: The ground around new construction (especially large new construction) is often covered with rusted/metal screws and such, occasionally hunks of iron, bits of copper from the gutterwork and flashing, and lots of excess lumber from framing. Ask the construction manager nicely if you can look around on the ground or the dumpster. The trash is not doing him/her any good. Be especially sensitive with the copper and talk to the roofers. Copper sheet is very expensive and most roofers will retrieve what they can and recycle it.

-Bike Shops: Sprockets! Normally they run around $100 dollars for a cassette but again, if you are willing to ask nicely, bike shops (especially bike mechanics) will sometimes have parts that are deformed, discolored, or otherwise unwanted. I've gotten at least a few sprockets this way without much effort.

-Theaters (Incl. School Theaters): Having worked as student head of lighting tech in high school, I can say from experience that the lamps in theater lights burn or blow out all the time. They're nifty looking and can sometimes serve well in steampunk creations.

-Mechanics/Maintenance Crews: This takes a little more involvement but often yields excellent parts and perhaps even an opportunity to borrow time on sophisticated tools. The short explanation here is get friendly with an institutions maintenance crew. In my case, this was the crew at my school. I interacted with them regularly thank to my school's engineering team and I was often able to pick up mostly broken or unusable parts from them in addition to having access to a arc welder, bench grinder, portable chop-saw, and industrial drill press.

For all of these sources, you must be somewhat outgoing, but the yield of free great parts, not to mention new friends, can be fantastic. I hope this helped a little bit. I am planning to write up an instructable where I discuss your question because I have noticed it pops up very often.

tgonzalez14Manick Yoj

Answer 6 years ago

WOW i never thought of that thank you i actually have a load of stuff like that laying around and i never thought of using bike sprockets and stuff like that!


8 years ago

I bought tons of stuff for a pretty cheap price on Ebay.
I would deffiantely recommend that, even if you don't have an account it's worth it to make one and it doesn't take long either.
Happy shopping!


9 years ago

You can take gears out of the cheapest plastics clock you can and, and with some chrome, brown, and black paint make it look pretty good.


9 years ago

 if you have a printer that is broken or can get one, take it apart! careful there will be inc.

or just take things apart that would use gears in general


10 years ago

though you already have a best answer i feel the need to answer aswell. few suggestions. go to places like swap meets or flea markets. umm stores like the good will and antique trinket shops. what you wanna look for mainly is toys or objects with moving parts (clocks, non electronic childrens toys, etc.) they have gears and lots of other metal objects. or if you wanna do it on the free side, as suggested before, junk yards are amazing (i grew up around them so i love the feel the environment has) but if you look in the right places you'll soon realize that there are tiny metal pieces of awesomesauce just laying everywhere. since currently i dont live near a junk yard and have no money, i even asked my girlfriend to go out into her yard with magnets and metal detectors. she has found some pretty cool stuff just laying around too.


Answer 10 years ago

WTF i thought i was the only person to say awesomesauce not only that but the first to say it

go right ahead. i stole it from the guy who created deviantART. awesometastic is my word. not as cool but im proud to say its mine.


10 years ago

Michaels sells these awesome sprocket gears in their scrapbooking section. You bet I snagged some up. :) Otherwise I mostly rely on eBay; search "steampunk" and you're bound to get clock faces/parts popping up.


10 years ago

old mechanical timers and stuff have that kind of thing in them, also if you take something to a dump, you could probably pocket some of that stuff if you look arround, perhaps you cold get some from an old printer...