K'nex Striker Rifle

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Before you flame me with the, "WHY WASN'T THIS POSTED YEARS AGO"I haven't been active on this site for close to 2 years. and it was supposed to be posted about a week after the Striker Pistol was released. This is the original Instructable from 2 years ago.


Formally known as knexgunner

This is a mod for I_Am_Canadian's Knex Striker Pistol. When I made I_Am_Canadian's Striker Pistol, i believed that it would make a good sniper so i made the handle longer and added a decent stock.

****You will need a Knex Striker Pistol.****

Great range
Comfy handle
Comfy stock

The part of the stock that rests on your shoulder may be small to others.
Can hurt someone really bad.

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Step 1: Extending the Handle

When I added the stock on, I had to make the handle a bit longer to ensure that it would still be comfortable.
Pic 1: Make/gather these pieces
Pic 2: Get this piece
Pic 3: Snap this on
Pic 4: Snap the other piece on the other side and connect the two halves
Pic 5: Slide the last piece inbetween the others
Pic 6: Should look like this (from the top)
Pic 7: Put this on
Pic 8: And on this side too and rubberband them together

Now on to the stock.

Step 2: Making the Stock

This is version one of the stock I have made. Right now I have version three on and I can post the other versions if you would like.

Pic 1: Make these
Pic 2: Snap the plates together

Step 3: Attatching

Yay! Now we can attach the new pieces on the old Striker Pistol.

Pic 1: What you should have
Pic 2: Attach handle
Pic 3: Attach stock
Pic 4: Attach the bended hand guard



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