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18Volt 25watt AC to DC power supply. Answered

I have a 18 volt 25 watt power supply I would like to sell. It converts AC to DC and comes with the power cord. I was going to use it to make an adjustable power supply but ended up getting something I liked better. I'm asking for 10 bucks shipped anywhere in the USA. Paypal is what I would like to use for payment. Thanks for looking.

Edit: On the board for the psu it says 18 volt but with my volt meter and no load it is showing 19.24.


I think it is 1.39 Amps. If your still interested let me know and I will PM you my email address or phone number.

Darn - it is otherwise perfect but I needed 5 Amps. Thanks for the update. Happy holidays to you and yours.

How many Amps and how do I get in touch to purchase it if not already sold?