PayPal subscription

Do I have to have the subscription that makes PayPal take $2.95 out of my card every month to be Pro?

Posted by asasklfjklasfkljasklfjaklfsjkl 9 years ago

Arduino monitoring Paypal Payments

Would an Arduino Wifi Shield allow an arduino to trigger something after a paypal payment is made?

Posted by Brooklyntonia 1 year ago

Paypal button does not work

Tried pay for pro membership 2 years, see the paypal button, but clicking on it does not work. FF4, on OSX 10.6 if that helps

Posted by kignatyev 7 years ago

PayPal link not working on go Pro Membership page.

I tried to use PayPal {} to pay for my Pro Membership and it said there was a problem: "PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem."

Posted by Hisart 7 years ago

Buying Knex

If anyone has a spare carbon black rod please contact me because I can't find any on eBay and all the good guns use one. Contact me at Thanks!

Posted by ryroo22 9 years ago

Problem trying to use Paypal to purchase Pro membership

I clicked on the PayPal link to purchase a Pro membership and received the following message: "PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller's website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem."

Posted by imactony 6 years ago

Area Paypal donation links acceptable?

Is it acceptable to request Paypal donations in the how-to guides we create (via a link)? Similarly, is it acceptable to offer completed versions of the item for sale within the guide?

Posted by hertzcarmichael 9 years ago

Paypal payment, but no Membership?

Hello, I got an Paypal Invoice from Autodesk aka instructables. Wanted an pro membership but didn't hit Pay on Paypal, instead I skipped back. And now today I got an Invoice from Paypal for instructables, and wanted to check my account, and yeah no Pro Membership. So 2 options, getting a refund and no pro membership or getting an pro membership...

Posted by Ploedman 3 years ago

Pro Payment Question

Hey folks, I have a question about the Pro payment. For the $2.95 monthly payment, will the payment be taken out of the PayPal account automatically? Or will we be given the option to make the payment? Thanks! -Nick

Posted by Brennn10 9 years ago

I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch.

I am willing to PayPal $30 for someone to write this Sketch. I have an Uno board, a motor control board L293D Motor Drive Shield and a 5 volt 4 wire motor NEMA17 Stepper Motor. I'm using #include . I can make the motor run any speed in both directions in a loop. That's all the further I've got in two weeks. I would like it to start idle (hold) and when I touch (momentarily) power to a pin, I need it to run in reverse until another pin is contacted, a switch, and stop (or run forward a small amount). Let's call that home. Then I would like to touch power to a different pin and have it reverse to home and then run forward 200 steppes. 3 more like that, 200 steps, 400 steppes, 600 and 700 steppes. So, i need 4 pins, one the run the motor to home. The 3 others will run the motor down to home and the up to a predetermined spot. The "Stop and stay home" can be a couple steppes up from the home switch. Think of it as running blinds full open & closed with 3 available open positions in between. If you can do that, I'll pay $30. But I don't want 10 people to make it and each expect to get payed. How do we do this? Scott Goldsborough Thank you!

Posted by Scott GoldsboroughG 1 year ago

No PayPal for One year membership gift?

The Paypal button seems to be missing....on the one year membership. 

Posted by pianotips 7 years ago

[FIXED] Bought new 2-Year-Pro yesterday, Today it tells me: Expired --> Basic

I renewed / bought a new 2-year pro memebership yesterday. I did that over the official channels with PayPal. All went good and i have the receipt. However, today i get a eMail, that my pro membership is expired. Hm... May be the OLD pro. But it is weird the system doesnt see that i bought a seamless extension of my pro. Checkin on the page here, it doesnt see my pro-status and deals me like a basic member. To whom can i send the PayPal-recepit to get my pro activated again?? Troy? Yours. Orngrimm

Posted by Orngrimm 2 years ago

Selling Runescape account for PayPal or RSPG

Just making a quick topic linking you to where Im selling an account. If youre interested in buying please inbox me HERE on INSTRUCTABLES! Link:

Posted by Hiyadudez 6 years ago

Paid with Amex and then Paypal also paid

I paid for my pro membership on June 1 with my American express card but then I saw on June 17 that Paypal also paid.  Please refund one of these payments.  Thank you.  

Posted by kitilardi 7 years ago

drupal to a drupal commerse and paypal craft ecommerse shop?

drupal to a drupal commerse and paypal craft ecommerse shop? I seen drupal installed it. I installed the drupal commerse modules listed and turned them on fallowed the sugjestions updated it. Now the stores button and product adding and adding pictures and publishing it and making paypal work with it would aid crafters and artists. A step by step of this could be awsome.

Posted by josheeg 6 years ago

accepted my paypal payment but not giving me Pro Membership???

I made a payment via paypal to keep my pro membership from expiring. Instructables let it  expire anyway after processing the payment. I have sent TWO emails (one as a reply to the notice the account expired and one to the contact address on Paypal information) but have only gotten auto replies in return. HOW DO I GET HELP ???

Posted by eilismaura 5 years ago

Electronics parts sources

Anyone know of a good electronics parts source that takes PayPal?

Posted by Sailing_Nut 9 years ago

Having trouble renewing Pro membership

I got a message indicating you were having trouble renewing my subscription. I went to Paypal to update my (expired) credit card, but can't get Paypal's accursed interface to work. (Neither the Debit nor Credit Card selector buttons is active, and I can't find the "payment methods section" they reference in the instructions -- See attached screen shot.) How can I renew my subscription if Paypal won't let me update the credit card payment information?

Posted by billhorvath 6 years ago

Can't subscribe to Pro Account

I tried to sign up for a Pro Account. I tried on two different computer, using both IE and FireFox. I also tried to pay using PayPal and CC. I entered my CC info, after submitting, I was taken to a blank page. The same happened when I attempted to pay with PayPal.

Posted by jedi_teacher 8 years ago

How to Obtain Automatic Paypal Donation script for your WoW Private Server (Trinity/Mangos)

As you all know getting such scripts is hard and mostly you want to obtain everything very easy. Well nowdays it aint so easy, but reading this will help you decide if you like staying home and serving donation each day by hand, or just let the people get the rewards automatic, and send themselfs the rewards in game. WoW Private server Automatic Paypal Donation Script (trinity/mangos) This script is Trinity based, with donation page made. It is secured and if anyone attempts fraud rewards aren't given. It has custom db fields for adding the items for people to make donations; this one is made for players to receive credits instead items wich comes very handy for you. It has it's own custom login section for players to log in to your wow website and spend the credits. The Paypal Automatic Donation script works for Trinity/Mangos based emulators. Of course it is not free. Small ammount of money is required. You can contact on (add or e-mail). I also have all the packages you need to open your wow private server wotlk 3.3.5a very stable and high development.

Posted by johndoe44 6 years ago

Paid Membership

I have auto pay for paypal turned on and have paid but it isn't showing pro-membership on my profile page.Can you check into this?

Posted by happywreniam 5 years ago

canceling membership

Can someone on this site please help me understand how to cancel a non-paypal 2.95/month membership?  i really wish there was a clear way to cancel on this site.  thanks, james

Posted by truongja 8 years ago


As of today, I have been using Instructables for exactly one year. :D I will accept gifts (money donations) via PayPal, at (lol, Crash).

Posted by Aeshir 11 years ago

J Tagged xbox 360 info

Hey will pay top dollar for a j taggable xbox or INFO on how to play with it on xbox live, can western union the money or paypal it to you,email me

Posted by testen500 7 years ago

Happy Instructables Anniversary, Me

One day, I felt it necessary after not being able to post comments, to sign up at this site. It is now one year later, and I here I am. I will accept gifts through PayPal.

Posted by Crash2108 11 years ago

Request Serial - Ribbonised Tabbed WebBrowser

 Ok, the serial for my webbrowser is: in the text file i uploaded. It has a lot of features that IE6 + tabs has. It is one of the biggest projects I've done.  copy everything in the text file to the text box with "enter Serial Here". Pls Donate using Paypal!!!   paypal account: You can donate any amount! So long as you donate. I will upload some screenshots soon.

Posted by arikyeo 8 years ago

Stats tab fixed, cancel your Paypal subscription, header cleanup

The first notable release since Autodesk acquired us is up.  It feels like it's been some time since I've written one of these posts!  We've all spent a bunch of time getting set up with some of the new systems we're now working with... and then there was that enormous outage last Wednesday.  We've been doing some planning with the idea of avoiding that situation ever again, such as maybe using Autodesk resources to keep a hot swap version of the site going somewhere.  No decisions as yet though; uptime is a hard problem. Here's what is out now: Paypal subscribers may now cancel their own subscription (if this is you, just go to header cleanup; Facebook's login widget is much more manageable now new scripts to help bring Internet Explorer into line, javascript-wise Go Pro page design changes stats tab fixed (on the You page for Pro members) As always, please file a bug if you find one!

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

Pro Subscription Cancelled w/out my request!?

I received a message from instructables robot & from paypal stating my request to cancel my pro subscription was received & completed. However, I did NOT make this request!! I don't understand what is going on.

Posted by 3monkiesdesigns 9 years ago

membership renewal

Hi:0) I am trying to renew my membership, and I get a message saying I don't have back up funds, which isn't right sinceI I use my PayPal account without any problems.  Help I want to stay Pro!!!! Love you guys.  Help please. Lyn (porcupinemamma)

Posted by porcupinemamma 7 years ago

Auto-Renewed and don't want

Hi there, I just got notification through paypal that my subscription was automatically renewed for a year.  I initially joined as research for a project and that project is now over - I don't need or want another year's subscription.  How can I get my money back?  How can I talk to a person? Thanks Marissa

Posted by tptscigirls 8 years ago

i am selling a USB-ICP

I am selling a USB-ICP - brand: futur design - model: USB-ICP - $50 - pay by paypal. - this device allow you to program onboard 8031/8051 microcontroller. - i can also give you a few micro-controller samples. - no need for eprom and expansive device to program your micro.

Posted by marquisparent73 7 years ago

Pro Membership not working

10 days ago I bought a Pro Membership via Paypal. It did not. Ever since then I have emailed twice to you, and also written on the community without receiving any response. I would appreciate a response from you how I can get access to what I paid for. Kind Regards Jonas Sevelin

Posted by Jonsev 3 years ago

i am selling a MSP-FET430PIF

I am selling a MSP-FET430PIF - brand: TI - model : msp-fet430pif - $75 - pay by paypal. - this device allow you to program onboard MSP430 microcontroller.serie from - i can also give you a few micro-controller samples. - no need for eprom and expansive device to program your micro. - USB type

Posted by marquisparent73 7 years ago

Flash PSP

I am selling instructions on how to flash a psp for yourself. Psp slim or phat (fat). Ony $2. Payment will have to be sent through paypal. Just send me your email address and i will send a request. If you want anything else containing psp, I will be glad to help at a cheap price.

Posted by Renhard 9 years ago

Can't Pay for Simple Bots ebook

I can't pay for the SimpleBots ebook.  Pressing "Proceed to Checkout" does nothing, and yes I have the agree to terms checked. I don't have a PayPal account, but that button does seem to work. OS:  Mac OS X 10.6.8 Browser:  Chrome 18.0.1025.163 (I think I properly attached the screencap if not let me know)

Posted by joelcardinal 6 years ago

Sound Sensor - Parking Assist Sensor

These are automotive applications, and I have no use for them.. I THINK they fit a Honda... I could be wrong... These are sound sensors for autos.. this could be hacked? Dorman Products Parking Assist Sensor 695-800 Please let me know if you want #1 or #2 You MUST upload a 'IBle with what you do with this!!! PayPal me a few $ for shipping??

Posted by digitalmonkeyman 1 year ago

I will paypal someone $10.00 dollars to draw this in breadboard fashion for me!

Hi, I really need help. I've been working on this dern motion detection alarm and am having problems with the delay circuit. I think I have assembled it right and it never works. I have completely re-done it twice! What it is supposed to do is once power from the relay is sent to the 555 timer it will impose a 1 minute delay before sending the power to the alarm/horn. This gives owner adequate time to enter code to disarm. The relay part of the circuit works fine and sends power to the 555 timer and latches as it should. However, the 555 timer never sends power out of pin 3. Could someone please, please, please draw the attached schematic in breadboard fashion so I can double check everything is assembled properly? I would really appreciate it!!! Anyways I will paypal someone $10.00 dollars to draw this in a breadboard layout for me!

Posted by swilus 6 years ago

Your favorite dessert...Question

I have been ordered to come up with a new dessert for our menu at work and need some ideas. Keep in mind I have some VERY high quality vanilla. If your idea gets accepted by my boss you'll get ten or fifteen bucks via paypal. IT DOSEN'T HAVE TO BE A RECIPE, JUST AN IDEA. I will of course make an instructable of the item, and possibly some of the others.

Posted by adrewmc 11 years ago

Maker Faire Africa

Maker Faire Africa! need I say more? 13-15, in Accra, Ghana. I'd love to go to this...It's being put on by Afrigadget with the full support of Make MagazineIf you can't go but think this is a fantastic idea, they're looking for sponsors. If that's a bit more than you can handle, they are also accepting donations through PayPal (button on the front page of

Posted by rachel 9 years ago

DC motors & stepper motors

I have 13 stepper motors and 10 dc motors for sell. I just have way too many laying around. I would like to sell them all for 40 dollars shipped using paypal. I'm hopping to sell them to help fund my CNC project. I also might be adding more motor as I find them.

Posted by r1dd1ck913 6 years ago

Can't find info on revenue sharing on instructables

Surely there is some information on how instructables pays all its contributors/writers/photographers/videographers for making the site what it is? How to find the reference on how they could even pay a pittance to users thru paypal? Maybe there is a section in the FAQ that helps us contributers make money else where. I can't find it. don't call me shirley

Posted by wallm 9 years ago

Instructable Crisis! Need Part!

I’ve been working on my instructable project since the begging of December and I have successfully completed 99% of it and 80% of the instructable write-up. When I reassembled my laptop I discovered that I was missing a keyboard key! If anyone has a regular sized letter or number key for the IBM ThinkPad model please contact me. I will donate some cash via paypal and include your name as an honorable mention in my instructable! Thanks!

Posted by Gnaw 11 years ago

I want to buy broken Classics, iPhones, Videos, Touches or broken apple laptops

I  interested in purchasing your broken iPod Classics, iPhones, Videos, and Touches for a project. If they don't work, I want them. Working iPods steer clear, I'm interested in broken ones ONLY. Let me know what you have and I'll let you know if I can use it or not. I will pay with paypal

Posted by laxmaster92 8 years ago

Automatic payment but no Pro

I am very frustrated. To the point of telling Instructibles to ....  Well, one more chance.  On Dec. 20th,  Pro membership automatic payment went through my paypal.  Still received "Pro Membership expiring" emails. And then, Pro membership cancelled. Three un-answered emails to and over the last month.  Not even a "hey we got your emails and are looking into this".  Nothing.  WTF?  Is there customer support or just mindless robots?

Posted by djbaby 6 years ago

Paracord Kits

Hey there, I offer a variety of different Paracord Kits on my website. You can find them here: Use my Instructables I offer here to accompany your paracord kit projects. I currently offer: Bracelet kits Keychain kits Lanyard Kits Checkout securely using Paypal, or any Credit/Debit. If anyone is interested in trading I could do that too! Anthony

Posted by AnthVale 4 years ago

Wanted Arduino code writer (will pay)

Hi friends. I need someone to help me write Arduino code for my project. I will pay 20 US$ for each code you make...will put the money to your paypal account, or if you like can order something for you from EBAY and ship to your address.. please msg me I send you the flowchart and what the code is sopposed to do. Thanks

Posted by goldenshuttle 3 years ago

2-year pro membership not working now

I paid for a two-year pro membership in April 2011. I only have one account and it was attached to this account. I was able to download ePubs and PDFs in April and May. I went to download a new ePub and I am not a Pro Member... I have a PayPal receipt (Unique Transaction ID #9RK99565LL5893423). Please let me know what has happened and how to resolve this issue. Thanks, Vernon vwhite

Posted by VWhite 7 years ago

Astrosyn Stepper Motors

I have 2 Astrosyn Stepper Motors that I bought and ended up not using. I was going to build a small cnc machine first but decided to go bigger with the first on I built. So i bought bigger steppers for my application. I bought them for 20 bucks each and now I am selling them for 20 bucks plus shipping for both. I would like to use paypal for any transactions. Thanks for looking.

Posted by r1dd1ck913 5 years ago

Simple CNC

Does anyone have any information about the three programs, Simple CNC, Simple Art and Simple Engrave. I went to the website, and there is an order page, but the contacts and support buttons are dead.  There is no way to get in contact with them. Before I checked this I actually ordered Simple Engrave and was told I would receive an invitation to the CNC forum.  But I have not received the invitation and have no way to contact.  And of course, no program since it has to be downloaded from the forum. Should I just start a grievance with Paypal?

Posted by yrralguthrie 2 years ago

New look, new home page

Just pushed out a newly skinned site.  The layouts are a bit cleaner and nicer (and there's another Robot hiding in the footer!).  In the continuing search to surface the best projects and make them as easy as possible to find, we've also redesigned the home page a bit, including adding a Project of the Day.  There's also a note from the Editors, which we'll update frequently as updates occur! Several bugfixes are out as well, most importantly the fixes for comments with images, and the Paypal button which sometimes was not pushable in Firefox.

Posted by rachel 7 years ago