Spread LED light?

I'm having trouble using an LED to light up a vase. I have frosted a vase and was hoping to get a blue led to light it up from putting it in the bottom of the vase and give it a sort of blue glow, however, it is just not working. I can still see a big concentration of light where the LED is and towards the top of a small vase (maybe 8 inches?), there isn't much light. Is there a particular LED feature I should be looking at? Certain type? Certain voltage? etc? I was hoping the sunjar tutorial would shed some light (no pun intended) but it really didn't help much for my project. I was trying to get an effect similar to:http://www.westcoastmall.net/images/GS68.jpg or maybe http://www.vibride.com/images/photoalbum/38/ostrichfeather.jpgany ideas?

Posted by ejkeebler 10 years ago

Peanut Butter

I just finished off a jar of peanut butter and was thinking about how I eat a lot of peanut butter (and I mean a lot!) and was just wondering if anyone had a recipe for peanut butter?? Also any ideas would be useful. Much appreciated. A loyal PB Fanboy.

Posted by TerminalDragon 7 years ago

cod liver

Had a fine can of cod liver in its own oil. Found it to be quite nice and mild in taste and in texture. I spread it on crackers but it made me wonder if there were any other good ways of making snacks and or other foods using the liver. Does any one else know of other ways to use the cod liver and the oil? Thanks.

Posted by Treasure Tabby 7 years ago

What do you spread on your toast?

What do you spread on your toast?

Posted by happyjo 7 years ago

Spreading the word of Instructables...on the chairlift!

I went skiing this past weekend, and took along some Instructables stickers. I stuck them to a couple of the chairlifts I rode on. Here are a few pictures of them. There were plenty other stickers on the lifts, so I decided to spread the word of a website through stickers as well!

Posted by Brennn10 10 years ago

Instructables profile picture spreading across all my profiles EVERYWHERE

Hi, I have uploaded a profile picture to Instructables that is a bit humorous.  However, now this picture is spreading across all of my accounts on the internet!  I know that the ONLY site to which I uploaded this picture is Instructables.  The picture was appropriate for Instructables but is inappropriate for many of my other accounts. Somehow, my image has "escaped" and is being automatically captured by other websites. I am attempting to stop this profile picture from spreading any further. Can you PLEASE let me know how this picture could be spreading across all of my accounts!? Thanks in advance, Nathan.

Posted by njkeng 2 years ago


How can we spread the truth about how screwed up America is? (or other countries)

Posted by jakee117 10 years ago

Ash Around Fruit Tree.

Last year some of my fruit trees died because of wood bores and other damaging ground bugs. I remember once hearing that ashes spread around the fruit tree will protect it from these bugs, but I was told that if you spread too much ash around the tree it will be killed. Does anyone know the right amount of ash to use?

Posted by Sedgewick17 10 years ago

Chatroom Group

Like the chatroom? Then join the instructables chat room blog at this link!!!!!! Don't forget to spread the word.

Posted by JellyWoo 10 years ago

Ebola.............. yes, the virus :(

So guess what i just learned today?Ebola is coming back into style! Read for yourself....I hope it doesn't spread....

Posted by Sandisk1duo 9 years ago

Australians Need Help!!!

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEe7qhlFNs4Australians Need our Help! Soon Their Internet will be censored! Spread the Video

Posted by Jordo 9 years ago

What's with all the Norton adverts?

I understand the need to advertise... but why the full front page spread advertising probably the worst bit of security software out there?!

Posted by Beenay25 9 years ago

Diffusing LEDs

Hi, I am currently building an LED matrix, and would ideally like to diffuse the light from the LED into maybe a square or rectangle shape(using some sort of border). What would be the best way to do this? I've tried using tracing paper, normal paper, fabric etc. to try and spread out the light, but it always seems to create the 'circle' which comes from the top point of the LED rather than spreading it out. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. Thanks :).

Posted by willww 8 years ago

Help me thunderclap!

Hey Everybody,  I've been humbled and surprised by all the support I've gotten on my Gravity Hook project. I'm trying something new to spread the word and I'm asking for your help to share it.   Thunderclap is a website where people come together to get the word out. Here's how it works. You visit a project and support it by clicking on buttons marked "facebook", "twitter", or "tumblr". On a certain date (March 18th in this case) the post goes out all at once.     Help me spread the word by visiting the project at http://thndr.it/1wwiz2j . Thanks! Brent  

Posted by Mrballeng 3 years ago

Cup of Joe!

Just made a group just for coffee, Im surprised one hasnt been already made.https://www.instructables.com/group/Coffee/Just thought I should spread the word!Im going to make some more instructables next morning

Posted by iMac 9 years ago

Firefox and Ebay etched MacBook

Check out this laser-etched MacBook that was auctioned for charity. Tetranitrate used our new Versa Laser to etch the Firefox and Ebay logos (as requested by the auction winner). More here on the Spread Firefox blog.

Posted by ewilhelm 11 years ago


Why do people still put mean stuff on the comments page even though they risk being banned. I hate it. Most people get on here to spread and look at ideas, not to have their idea be called a load of crap. *sighs* Anyone wanna discuss this?

Posted by Argool 9 years ago

seeking people for WashPost story

I'm a reporter at the WashPost working on a big story about everyday hackers. Looking to meet DC area people with some interesting hacks of their houses, offices, cars, etc. Spread the word! I'm at rosenwaldm@washpost.com

Posted by MikeWashPost 7 years ago

Awesome Shotguns (true shotguns only)

This is a topic where you can post your true shotgun and videos about it. No crappy single shot shotguns allowed in this topic. Have fun and spread the word. =~)

Posted by Mintyhippo 10 years ago

Protozoans Will Rule Us All!! Agh!

I was looking up poultry diseases on Wikipedia and I stumbled across this.Read it. I dare you.OK assuming you read it, Run for your lives and kill all the cats!! This microbe wants to rule the universe!!!Pretty scary how it can modify you to allow it to pass on and spread *shudders* makes rats seek out cats, and people get cozy....So next time your cat snuggles with you, run for it!! It's an evil protozoan trying to conquer all life forms!!It would be wise to steer clear of your neighborhood crazy cat lady as well... She's been conquered and is attempting to spread it to new hosts!*shivers with terror*Makes vampirism sound plausible...

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago


Is it possible to take a low heat spread over a large area and convert it into a high heat in a small area? For example a normal fireplace can't melt cast iron, but 2 or three create enough energy. Could you concentrate that? (thats just an example, I have a much more brilliant plan) Thanks

Posted by LinuxH4x0r 10 years ago

Who is the real Adrian Monk ?

Who is the real Adrian Monk Rumor has it she is really Hanna Montana, AKA Miley Cyrus.And does she need a hat after a photo spread like the last one ?? And does disliking the Simpson's warrant a lynch mob style tarring and feathering ??

Posted by Big Bwana 10 years ago


Thats right i have recently built and tested a K'nex Grenade!...so far sooo goood! test it out for yourself i was very impressed w/ its power and spread it is safe enough to carry in a pocket and when u want to use it just pull the pin and throw!

Posted by Knex Lego Maniac 8 years ago

Any way to view hit counts for forum topics?

. Is there any way for us users to monitor how many hits a page at Ibles is getting? In particular, I would like to track how many hits Kiteman's Law (spread the word) and similar FAQ pages are getting.. TIA

Posted by NachoMahma 11 years ago

knex ak-47 true triger

Well i made sgt's ak-47. i moded it with a true triger. i got his permision to make a instructable on it. spread the good news.i am donehttps://www.instructables.com/id/knex-AK-47/

Posted by dsman195276 10 years ago

Part 4 of project firestorm

This is where project firestorm differs from alot of other gun series, I am looking for a shotgun for part 4. but ther will be a few conditions:must have a spread of at least 4!must look decent.must have a true triggermust have at least one innovative featureI will be judging on these factors:looksinnovationpiece effectivenessspread ease of useyou must post a video or slideshow of your gun and I will place them here:I will be continuing this until I have found part 4 of project firestorm, the winning gun will have a place on the official slideshow and will be able to use part 4 of project firestorm in its instructable name. I will also favourite and 5* the instructable. so get buildingI may accept one or two other judges, depending on the entries.

Posted by Fred the Penguin 9 years ago

Geology in action: A mid-ocean ridge you can visit on vacation!

UPDATE Jun 2011:  ScienceNews has a very nice feature about Afar, with an excellent narrative summary of items since the current spreading event began in 2005. UPDATE Nov 2009:  Science magazine only keeps their news articles free for a short time.  The link below requires paid access to read.  Wikipedia has an article on the volcano. A news article in this week's (May 2009) Science magazine online reports on a very unusual volcano. Located directly in the center of east Africa's Great Rift Valley, it is spewing a unique kind of lava. The Great Rift Valley is a place where one of Earth's tectonic plates is actively dividing in two -- the eastern tip of Africa and the Arabian peninsula is separating from the rest of Africa. In several million years there will be a brand new ocean (not a "sea") like the Atlantic, and the Great Rift Valley will become its mid-ocean ridge. This African volcano is essentially an example of the undersea volcanoes that run down the spreading center along the middle of the Atlantic (Iceland is a set of them that are above the ocean surface). If you want to see what was happening when the Atlantic Ocean was forming, and Brazil was being broken away from West Africa, go visit Ol Doinyo Lengai in Tanzania. ADDED:  Besides the world's only active (on land!) natrocarbonatite volcano, the Great Rift Valley also has examples of sheeted dikes forming and breaking through to the surface.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

9kg worth of Mini Eggs

NO MORE PATCHS! I only get so many... Free Patch Upgrade to Topic! Well, what happens when your in the Cadbury factory, and you got a fresh 10GBP note burning through your pocket.This weekend, I purchased 9kgs worth of Cadbury's Mini Eggs - 10GBP. Original price would have been about 90GBP.So enjoy the pictures.I have also resized and cropped a version to be used as a desktop wallpaper!Download Here.I've eaten two packets worth already, I intend to take the rest and spread the wealth.Through suggestion from Kelsey, I'm spreading the virtual wealth also!Kelsey gets a patch! DOUBLE UPDATE I have now given out 6 patchs! Thats it! all gone! I only get 40 patchs to last me 2 years, used up nearly 8 already...

Posted by gmjhowe 9 years ago

solar panel inside the house

Hi i was watching http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SBWi3NtND68   ( using a bottle filled with water to reflect light inside the house ) may be someone can can use mirrors or magnifier to run a solar panel inside the house and do more than just light . ( heating water , spread lights to other rooms ,cool the house , etc ... ) thanks Michael

Posted by pacbe11 5 years ago

Instructables in FHM-Netherlands

Put your weird project up on Instructables, and you too can get a half-page photo spread in FHM-Netherlands! Bikini optional.There was an interview too, but they only used a little bit; it's really all about the pictures. Check out my hands and ewilhlem peeking into the fridge. They mailed me a copy of the magazine, which was nice as there's not much of a distribution network for FHM-Netherlands in the US.Classy, no?

Posted by canida 11 years ago

Stop the Kangaroo Killing! (Updated)

Stop the kangaroo killing!Please help, Forward it to everyone in your contact book and spread the word!!Keep kangaroos out of the endangered list!!!This video will keep you off roo bugers for your entire life! If it doesent, I don't know what will. Please sign the petitionRead the petition here and the sign button is down the bottom

Posted by thermoelectric 10 years ago

Want to answer questions, too cumbersome to find ones suited for me.

I want to answer some of the questions posted in the Q&A; section, is there a way I can search for questions in my field? (Aircraft, motorcycles) If that doesn't exist then we should have it, I would be happy to spread my knowledge, that's why we're all here right? Greg

Posted by GregCaesar 6 years ago

Q & A (hopefully) on Instructables Contest Ideas

I have an idea for a contest but I don't know where to post it.  If anybody knows how please let me know or post it wherever themselves.  I would also appreciate it if all similar posts be connected.                                                                                                                                 The Idea is for a Shelving contest, due to the fact that people have lots of cool ideas that are spread all over and there is no way to be able to see them.

Posted by bosmaru 2 years ago

Reflective paint for light fixture

Hello all, I am working on a light fixture and I would like to paint the walls of the fixture a reflective color in order to get a more even spread of light. I've been hearing silver and white as good options. Is one better than the other? Do I need a specific type of paint? Does it matter whether its a matte finish or glossy? Thanks, Ben

Posted by BHSilverman 8 years ago

Green Clubs

This is to spread the word about green clubs. They are a great way to get together with people and talk and do green things that help our planet. They are also a great way to raise awareness to people about our what could be destroyed earth. Great places to have them are libraries, schools, and even meeting places like local coffee shops. Please help start green clubs. P.S. I am not a Hippie or a tree-hugger.

Posted by weirdo62 9 years ago

Who here has heard of one of the many Chan sites???

I had a high school band meeting and afterwards we started talking about /b/ and all the other chans and what not and I started wondering if anyone on Instructables had heard of any of the chans. I know that the chans spread like cancer....(joke). If you have heard of them what are your toughts on them???

Posted by TheDeadChemist 10 years ago

I'm new and looking for projects and ideas

Hi Just came acrosss the site todays looks great I am sure I will spend many hours (too many?) on the site reading the postings and adding some of my own. I am very inetersted in renewable energy and spreading the use to help reduce climate change. I run three websites in my spare time wher I make a very small amount of money and hopefully spread information and ultimately help in the battle against climate change. I would be inetersted in feedback on my sites. I wiould be happy also to post up some projects in ebook format for members. I am also looking for projects to add to my sites - could I buy these from people? Hope I haven't offenbded anyone with this post or broken any rules? Warm regards richard www.energybook.co.uk - information site with free information and downloads www.OneToRemember.co.uk - book and ebook shop with some free ebooks www.wxtrade.com - free to use auction and classified site - like ebay but free

Posted by onetoremember 11 years ago

Man injects himself with computer virus?

It may seem strange, but a scientist has implanted an ID chip with a computer virus inside it into his body so that whenever he passes an ID scanner, the virus will copy itself onto the scanner and spread throughout the system. It was made to prove a point that if somebody were to create a virus for the ID chipping system, it would be easy and could kill somebody if they had, for example, a pacemaker. A scary thought!

Posted by The Jamalam 8 years ago

US Army Hosts Mad Scientist Conference

The US Army recently held a mad scientist conference. I couldn't make this up if I tried. I wasn't invited, so I will share my predictions here. I predict that in the future, warfare will involve holiday specific pneumatic cannons and victory will be determined based on the amount of holiday spirit and cheer you can forcefully spread to your adversary. Seriously, were any of you invited to this?

Posted by randofo 9 years ago

Easy way to search comments on a project with 100's of comments?

I'd like to search the comments on a specific project.  Unfortunately, the project has 100's of comments meaning they're spread across 5+ web pages.  Many or most of the comments are well deserved compliments.  Ideally, search for specific words related to the project...also, I'd like to see just posts/comments by the creator of the project.  Is there an easy way to do this?

Posted by rdy4trvl 7 years ago

Gluten Free Category

I believe there should be a gluten free category in the Food section much like there is a Vegan section. Having to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of recipes to see which I can and cannot make for my gluten intolerant family and friends is a little disappointing, considering how widely spread such an allergy is. I still do it of course, and I enjoy seeing all the delicious looking things, but still slightly bothersome. Thanks for the amazing site that has entertained me and given me wonderful ideas for years.

Posted by Shindou 6 years ago

Fun Halloween pics to share.

A few Halloween pics from this year..The image note making function isn't working, so I'll just explain here..1: A spooky spread on a bloodsoaked (99cent) tablecloth2: Haunted Gingerbread house. I hate it when people say these things are 'too pretty to eat'.. That's what we made it for!!3: Crunchy Cats! Tortillas cut out with cookie cutters, spread with sunflower oil and crisped in an oven.. Dip in a selection of goopy dips, and enjoy! (These felines are sooooo addicting!)4: Spooky Orange flavoured cupcakes!! Oops, I took the photo after I ate one. whoops.5: Witch's Broom PB Cookies with pretzel broomsticks. The salt and sweet flavours together are divine.6: The ice Queen and the Monkey. We should have taken photos for an indestructible on that hair and makeup. It was great!7: My wife's ice queen makeup close up8: "Phantom of the Paradise".. No helmet pics just yet.. They're at work.9: Phantom and Monkey10 & 11: Two Shots of a Mr. Tumnus costume I made for my friend Dave. It's been a fun Halloween. I have tons more fun photos!!

Posted by tforthomas 11 years ago

The Forum of Peace

As of late, war has spread across Ibles, Ibler's are turning against fellow Ibler, names are being stolen, threads spammed...So in the prevailing darkness, all those who seek peace may come forth and hopefully safely be at peace here.Allowed discussion:~Peace~What is peace?~FRIENDLY religious discussion~BACON~peaceful things, links video etc...~making apologies and righting wrongsMay you go forth in peace and be bountiful fellow Ibler!Can't get the fight out of your system yet? Go to the War Forum

Posted by KentsOkay 10 years ago

#biicontest2014 is here! Don’t miss it!

Hi all, biicode has launched #biicontest2014 (http://www.biicode.com/biicontest2014), it's a Raspberry &/or Arduino projects programming contest. Registration open: from February 6th to April 6th, 2014 Submit deadline: April 13th, 2014 It is very easy to participate, there are no restrictions on age, degree or expertise. Please spread the word among anyone that might be interested, there are more than 2000€ in cash and prizes, and also a special prize for best 3d printed project. Thanks a lot :D

Posted by recluising 4 years ago

Evidence of Time Travel!

I'm not sure how I managed it, possibly it's a result of running the washing machine, tumble dryer and my coffee machine simultaneously, but I appear to be posting from seven and a quarter hours in the future. Check out the image below for proof... Or maybe it was csharyk's fault?  He's interested in woowoo tech, maybe he pulled me in after something he did elsewhere / elsewhen? Update: it's spreading!  (second image) (I think I'll move this thread to Bugs) (If it's important, I made that screenshot at about 10:13am, UK time)

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

PETA's exploitation of Autism Spectrum

I have just been informed that PETA has a billboard program out there to exploit Autism by means of misinformation.  "Recently, the organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) launched a new ad campaign entitled, "Got Autism?", misleadingly implying that the consumption of milk is associated with the cause of the autism spectrum. PETA is misinforming the public about autism and thus joining a long line of unscrupulous groups that have sought to try and spread fear about autism as a means of pushing their particular agendas." Further information on this can be found at WRONG PLANET.  

Posted by Goodhart 8 years ago

does winning a contest decrease chances of winning other contests?

Hello, I didn't see this in the FAQ.  I know you're allowed to enter up to 3 contests.  Sometimes the contest end dates are quite far apart.  Does winning one contest effect your likelihood of winning a later contest?  Just wondering if Instructables tries to spread out the contest winnings.  If so, it might change the author's decision on whether to enter some contests where their project doesn't fit as well and have lesser chance of winning. Thanks!

Posted by insusr 4 years ago

My Instructable won't post!!!

Ok I made my first instructable the other night albeit not that great an instructable, but i had to start somewhere. Anyway i finished it and clicked the publish now or whatever button and that was fine. Now i decided to check if anyone had seen it so i used the search section and what do you know? it didnt show up. Anyone know how i messed up? O btw my instructable was named "Burn Yourself Safely" spread the word. = ]

Posted by joelkemu 10 years ago

http://www.specbox.net/ Cool new site to showcase your computer!

I found this cool new site. It is sorta social networking site where people share their computers and share and discuss ideas. I normally don't like social networking sites but this one seems pretty good. They just got up on their feet so I thought I would help them out by spreading the word on them. So give http://www.specbox.net/ a try. Here is my profile page https://www.specbox.net/usersonly/profile.aspx?id=d4Az0MwUy7c%3d&sid;=YT95HtuskvE%3d

Posted by CowGuy 10 years ago

Juni-bot, a robot that will take out trees and bushes.

Well, maybe not actually take out trees and bushes, but would help significantly. Here's my dilemma, I landscape, and the worst part of my job is tearing out old juniper bushes (and other low to the ground plants that make you itch). Anyway, they're so dense most of the time that you can't even get far enough into the plant to clip the branches. So most of the time we end up cutting off all the branches with a chain saw and digging the stump out, and that can take a while and makes a mess. Juniper is nasty stuff and spreads its roots up to 15 or 20 feet sometimes. By far the easiest way to rid yards of these beasts (which end up spreading and making your yard seem much smaller and less functional) is to loop a chain around the base (the trunk) and pull them out with a truck. Sounds easy enough, but the tricky part is getting the chain around it. The bushes grow so thick that you can't get at the trunk. Here's where my robot comes in. The Juni-bot will go right under the umbrella of thick, itchy branches, and tow a chain in a circle, around the trunk, right back to you! This idea would work for any tree trunk/base that you can't see, not just juniper. I see a problem and a way to fix it; this would cut down time and resources, and much pain ;-).

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 11 years ago