is there any dremel bits you can make yourself?

I want to make some dremel bits myself because they cost so mutch to buy.

Asked by Redrockers 9 years ago

is there any practical point in getting the dremel 400 over the dremel 300?

Im looking for a new dremel and i am undecided between the 400 and the 300. while the latter is cheaper, are there any good reasons to get the 400 over the 300 such that the added cost will pay for itself in functionality/durability? cheers

Asked by poiki 9 years ago

Dremel question. Some bits? Answered

Hey,, I've got a Dremel 7700 cordles and there came a lot of sanding discs and i dont know how to use them ;c im a noob :D And if you can tell me what should come with the dremel 7700 because i think i am missing some 

Asked by Viliuks 5 years ago

What is the best place online to buy a Dremel 4000? Answered

I'm looking to buy a Dremel online. I know which one I want, it's the 4000 3/34 on Amazon. Is there anywhere I can get it cheaper?

Asked by MeGusta 5 years ago

Dremel Rotary Tool? Answered

Where can I buy attachments for a Dremel 200 Rotary Tool. I know it is an older model and I've already tried search engines. Anyone know anywhere online or in a store where I can buy drill,saw,and grinding attachments (specifically larger ones)? All help is appreciated. -E

Asked by DELETED_explosionist 7 years ago

Dead Dremel help

I have a Dremel tool that is a few years old.  the other day it quit working, I was using it heavily.  I checked the brushes they looked fine.  I opened it up and everything looks OK the motor/ shaft are connected and spin. The  only thing I noticed was what looked like a thing strand of solider on the one side near the brush.  Any ideas?

Asked by denkeeper 5 years ago

Making a cordless dremel corded option?

I recently bought a 8220 dremel with 2 battery.  even in the 3 weeks I have had it I have noticed the battery to be a bit annoying.  Using a bench power supply can i just set it to 12v 5amp and run it off that?.  Any large risk of it frying something important?  I am happy with the tool its just that I often forget to charge. 

Asked by TypeNameHere 11 months ago

i live in bangalore,india...can anyone help me to find the dremel?

Hey ppl u all knw dremel is a must tool for many of the DIY projects and case can u plz help me 2 find one in my city...bangalore,india

Asked by krsna1988 9 years ago

Thinking of turning a crappy rotary tool into a useful device, any ideas?

So I just bought a nice Dremel, meaning my crappy 15 dollar Harbor Freight rotary is worthless. Since I won't be using it for rotary projects anymore, any advice on what I can use it for? I'm thinking something along the lines of the drill to lathe conversions I've seen, but I doubt it has enough power for something like that..?

Asked by rozmusway 8 years ago

Cutting Help?

Does anyone have any tips/ideas on how to engrave designs into acrylic? Preferably letters, i would like to know how to engrave letters clearly Thank You

Posted by Waztsn 3 years ago

Dremel Alternatives?

Is there any alternative for a dremel so that I could widen the hole in my NF so that the new barrel would fit in?

Posted by crinal123 9 years ago

dremel 395 type 5 variable speed, change obsolete red switch for newer blue switch ??

My dremel multipro 395 might have a bad obsolete on-off switch, its red with 5 speeds, can i use the newer blue switch   witch is dremel part # 2610912780 ?  thanks.

Asked by myoldcar3 3 years ago

When buying a dremel, how important is it that it can fit a router bit?

I'm considering buying the Dremel 400 XPR to do some wood and metal work. However, reviews online have said that it doesn't fit a router bit. Is being able to use my dremel as a router important, or should I not bother worrying if a dedicated router (a future purchase) might do a better job.

Asked by lchi 8 years ago

Have you guys heard of the new dremel trio?

I was wondering if anybody heard about the dremel trio. I was also wondering what you guys thing about it because I am thinking about buying it. Thanks for your input.

Posted by Robot Lover 8 years ago

acrlic de-buring bit to use with dremel 395 type 5 variable speed.?

I want to de-bure and shape some old dentures,witch bit do i use? dremel nas alot of different corored grinding bits. thanks.

Asked by myoldcar3 3 years ago

What is the best Dremel tool (or other brand) out there to buy? Answered

I've always wanted to purchase a dremel tool, But have heard mixed reviews about different models. So who else better to trust than other Instructable enthusiasts who use them for all their different needs. Obviously multiple use / attachments are a good thing.

Asked by cerberustugowar 8 years ago

How do I clean my Aluminum Oxide bit for my Dremel? It has a coating of metal on the side.?

I was probably using my dremel wrong, but my 932 bit has a coating of metal on it after I used it to enlarge a hole. (I ground using the side of the bit). How do I remove this coating of metal?

Asked by alfonzo1955 5 years ago

Cordless Dremel info?

I just got a cordless dremel for my birthday. It's a 10.8v cordless and I was wondering if it holds it's charge well. I might want to take it back and get a corded one if it doesn't. I had a cordless drill and it lost it's charge all the time and wasn't that powerful, it stunk, that was a while ago though and the newer generation of cordless tools might be better. Any personal experience would be helpful.

Asked by threadbare 8 years ago

What kind of Dremel should i buy?And what soldering iron? Answered

I've heard good things about them and I would like some recommendations.  I am also thinking about a soldering iron.  Also, if you could, please support your answer with details.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.  Thanks.

Asked by DreadFred 8 years ago

How to clean dremel bits?? Answered

Can anyone help me clean my dremel bits? I recently bought a grinding set for my dremel to use on my Traxxas car. After using it on the plastic chassis most of my grinding and sanding bits are covered in plastic. The reason is because the plastic heats up when I use it and the plastic melts onto the grinding stone. I thought of maybe using a lighter to maybe melt the plastic off but it just burnt the plastic and a bit of the stone. It's not that the bits are expensive, I can afford $2 but the gas to go the hardware store is just too much for a couple of bits. I would just use my bike here and there, but it just becomes a hassle go over there every hour. Thanks

Asked by halo99 5 years ago

Inexpensive Tools and where to Find Them

In the quest to make things we need tools. Some are expensive and some are not. I found a place to buy tools that is very reasonableNorthern Tool. This link, for example is for their brand of rotary tool. I've used this tool and it meets or exceeds a Dremel's capabilities, and no I don't work for them. I saw some designs for jewelry made from industrial junk and I needed a rotary tool. Since I'm a little short in the cash department right now I explored other avenues. Glad I did.

Posted by Phoghat 10 years ago

Small change release

Just a few changes this time around.  You'll notice the header - we made it a bit shorter to use less screen real estate, and less ... orange (personally I liked the orange but many found it distracting). The main thing is that we've opened up Guide writing to all Pro users.  We're soft-starting this, it's not being announced anywhere but here as yet, so we can start out easy and see how it goes.  Guides are awfully useful and we figure more should be better but it's also good to start small sometimes. Also we're starting a new ad campaign with Dremel and there's some special content we had to prepare for that.  You'll see it very shortly!

Posted by rachel 7 years ago

Rotary Tool neck thread size

I have several ideas for rotary tool accessories that would make my life easier, but they would have to be attached at the neck. So I need to cut out a hole, and tap it out to the right thread size. Anyone know what that is?

Posted by BoomGuy 10 years ago

can i use a dremel jigsaw attachment on the dremel 300 series?

I want to use the dremel jigsaw attachment with my 300 series but i think it is only for the Dremel 400 Series XPR.

Asked by Redrockers 9 years ago

dremel guide (for admins or moderators)

I think that you guys (instructables) should make a guide on dremel care, hacks, fixes, and projects (emphasis on projects) i just bought a dremel and i love it but i want something to do with it. please consider this -kieran eglin (qballcat)

Posted by qballcat 9 years ago

Drill with wheel head instead of (dremel) rotary tool?

(new member) quick question: Instead of buying a dremel rotary tool, couldn't I just buy a drill head that mimics the wheel-cutter attachment.... that you would normally use on a dremel?

Asked by trustsushi 7 years ago

Dremel Plus Drill Press?

Would it be Possible(practical) to substitute a Dremel for a drill in one of those presses where you add your own drill? (Which I can't seem to find the presses, that I'm talking about online. Although I know they exist.) Found one, and it seems to be used with a dremel. (I think.)

Posted by kojimagtr 10 years ago

Kinzo (Dremel clone tool chuck)

Hi you all, Firstly, English is not my natural language, so please bear with me I bought some time ago a Dremel clone, Kinzo X-power mini grinder, (image atached below), and I am wondering if someone have this tool, or if you know if the original Dremel chuck will fit on this one These are the chucks I've seen and this is my dremel clone Thanks in advance

Posted by Apolo8 3 years ago

Different grinders of the Dremel. What to use? Answered

I use a dremel-clone. It has a set of grinders of three colors: blue, red-orange, and pink, the three in the same set. I can't see differences in hardness, but it must be differents, so... Can you help me in what color use in which task? Thank for your time!

Asked by infob 6 years ago

Dremel Wound Question?

Quick Question: I was using a Dremel Rotary tool yesterday with one of the rough sanding bits. While I was using it, the tool slipped off the edge of the wood I was sanding and landed on my middle finger, stupidly, I wasn't wearing gloves like usual cause' I was in a hurry and had left my gloves on the upper level of the house. Anyway, I got it off my finger and turned off the Dremel immediatly and it slowed down fairly quick. Now, I got a small wound on my finger, not bad, but I wanted to ask if I should be worried about it being infected since the dremel bit probably had wood dust all over it.

Posted by LoneWolf 8 years ago

Wah pedal as speed controller for Dremel?

I was working with my Dremel the other night and I noticed my not-working Crybaby out of the corner of my eye and started thinking that it would be a perfect speed controller for my dremel. I think I'm gonna tear it apart and see what it looks like inside and see maybe where to go from there. Probably would like it to have a footswitch somehow that will turn it off or when it is pushed all the way in it will turn off. Just an idea. If anybody has some suggestions or maybe could build it and make an instructable that would be awesome.

Posted by oopeydoopey 6 years ago

I hope they're paying to be members

I hope Dremel are paying for their membership, because otherwise it's the most blatant spam I have seen here for a long time.

Posted by Kiteman 9 years ago

is there any way to make a cnc-type thing, but you turn cranks to move the tool?

I want to make a machine to cut parts using my Dremel, which is positioned by turning cranks. Like a cnc, but you are the controller and computer. :)

Asked by wii552 8 years ago

Creative or practical uses for my newly purchased Dremel 300 with flexi-shaft.?

I have made an ashtray out of beer cans, wooden plaques, installed a look on my door and removed fiberglass with it but am at a sort of creative wall.

Asked by djperson 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I could get a replacement electric motor for my dremel 800?

Its the Li-ion variable speed model. Ive already looked and you cant replace the brushes like the corded models

Asked by technic6490 7 years ago

Where would I purchase a drill bit to mill out PCB for the dremel tool for my CNC Machine? Answered

I am Buliding Tom McWire's CNC machine and I plan to use it mainly for Milling PCBs. Prices-Sources-alternatives please

Asked by 16zzundel5 8 years ago


I have just enter membership  and i cannot copy the templates for the mini tablesaw i have all the instruction but no templates help please thank you!

Posted by pierreval 5 years ago

B&D Rotary Tool

I've really wanted a dremel lately...but they're so darn expensive! I saw this Black and Decker one that looks pretty good for a decent price. (Plus, I have a $25 gift certificate) What do you all think? Target's amazon page is selling one for 29.99 + 4.99 shipping

Posted by Weissensteinburg 10 years ago

what is the best and cheapest dremel?

I need a good dremel that is cheap and good. what is the best brand of dremel?

Asked by jesse8fox1 9 years ago

"Seating" in dremel brushes? Answered

I just got me a dremel yesterday. I was reading the manual and I found it said i need to run the dremel for 5 minutes without a loud on highest speed. Does this mean i have to remove the collet nut and the collet?

Asked by Munchys 7 years ago

What's the best Dremel bit for engraving aluminum? Answered

I want to engrave a design into a block of aluminum with my Dremel. It needs to be about 1/16" deep and 1/16" wide and consists of curves and lines. What is the best bit to use?

Asked by JamesRPatrick 7 years ago

Pnuematic die grinder VS dremel?

Which do you guys think is better? A die grinder is cheaper, but dremel is brand name, everybody's got a dremel.Lowes has a nice die grinder kit, for only $25. I'm sure dremel bits would work in that, and if not, I can make an adapter for it. They also have a nice dremel set, but that's for $90.I don't intend on getting one immediately, but I've been meaning to get some sort of a rotary grinder, the 8 inch disk one is a little bit too big for some stuff.

Posted by cvxdes 10 years ago

Name brand vs generic dremel? Answered

I'm doing a project that involves grinding PCB slots off of an aluminum enclosure and making everything fit right - due to the shape of the enclosure it looks like I will need a flexible shaft in order to get into the case. A Dremel seems to be a good tool to use, however I am looking for something that will be able to grind aluminum fairly fast. Dremels, at least with flex shafts, are expensive. I'm looking for around $40, and this seems to fit. Has anyone had any luck grinding aluminum with a non-name-brand dremel? What about Dremel branded accessories vs ebay accessories? Edit: currently the one I'm looking at is this

Asked by astroboy907 3 years ago

What's the right dremel bit for a circle jig cutter? I had problems with this.

Hi, i just made a circle jig cutter for my dremel. I used the included dremel that you can see in the picture below, it basically looks like a drill bit, but it's sharp in the edges, so it can cut to the sides, thing that drill bits cannot do. I tried to cut 3/4 MDF, but it was very hard to do it, I simply had to stop the process after concluding that that's not the right bit for that job. I think I had problems because this bit is for cutting to drywall sheets instead. What do you think? does anybody know what dremel bit should I use to cut circles through 3/4 MDF? thanks.

Posted by johanx4 1 year ago

Differents polishers in Dremel set. What to use? Answered

I use a Dremel-clone, and it has two kind of polishers; the white felt ones and this two other type: Looks like hard rubber, and I used it to burnish steel to clean some grinding marks. It works, but I'm not sure: 1 - Must I use the  polishing powder like with the felt ones? 2 - Why they have two colors, green and blue? Have they different hardness? Thanks for your time!

Asked by infob 6 years ago

Can a dremel cut through and shape an allen wrench, or should I use an angle grinder?

I've been wanting to get a dremel for a while now as I could use it for so many projects; however I don't know if it could handle a task like this.  Does anyone here know if it could, or should I just get the angle grinder.  I really don't want to get the grinder because I'm not too sure if i'd ever use it for anything else. I've attached an image of what I'm making for a reference.

Asked by Spaceman Spiff 7 years ago

My dremel tool is spraking inside and the regulator thingy doesnt work...? Answered

1. My dremel makes a weird noise when i turn it on, and when i look inside through the venting holes i see sparks coming from the motor/magnet. It wasnt like this before and it runs slower now than before. 2. The roller thingy to regulate the speed (1,2,3,4,5,6 or max) only works on "max", if i turn it down the thing just stops working, but when i turn it up to max again it starts (at max speed of course) this isnt a very important acctually since i use max all the time, but its kinda annoying cuz it some times shuts off. My dremel is a CoTech model and only about 2-3 weeks old btw.

Asked by ThaNorwegianDude 8 years ago