How do I download e-books?

Posted by windbag 6 years ago

E books

How do you dowload E books from your site?

Posted by rosbucs 6 years ago

E-mails not going to updated e-mail address

I've updated my e-mail address for notifications and my profile indicates the new e-mail address but they still go to the old e-mail address. What can I do? Thanks, Chad

Posted by bruzer101 6 years ago

Newsletter goes to wrong e-Mail

I tryed to change my e-mail in settings to a new e-mail account.  It states that i have changed my e-mail but they still go to my old e-mail account...any ideas?

Posted by rj44319 7 years ago

Changed e-mail address; still getting e-mails at old address

I changed my e-mail address but am still getting Instructables at my old e-mail address.  How can I correct this?

Posted by dlb156 8 years ago


How do you repair a power plug on a kindle e reader

Posted by tigger66688 4 years ago

E books

Firefox 4 can not see the download buttons on the e book page. IE is OK

Posted by rickharris 7 years ago

How do I change my E-mail address

How do I change my e-mail address?

Posted by JRV31 9 months ago

Official Wall-E Papercraft

If you want to make your own Wall-E for your desk, Disney has you covered with an official Wall-E papercraft. Just download and print this file to get started.via paperkraft

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

I can't change my e-mail

Before I want to sing up but it said that my e mail have been used so I use my friend's e mail to sing up and then I tried to change my e-mail I my account but I still can't change the e-mail what can I do? please help.

Posted by mac969 10 years ago

not getting weekly newsletter

I changed my e-mail address,but it still is going to my old e-mail.

Posted by Mare322 10 years ago

Fantastic Russian Wall-E case-mod

This is such a good build, it speaks for it's self.

Posted by lemonie 9 years ago

Getting two e-mails when someone requests to join group

.  When someone requests to join the group Answerers, I get two e-mail notifications.

Posted by NachoMahma 8 years ago

Updated e-mail address doesn't change in the newsletter mailing

Changed my profile's e-mail address and confirmed it, and it shows under my profile. However I still get newsletter e-mails under the old e-mail address. I assume they're two different databases, but then how do I delete the old address from the newsletter mailing database?

Posted by SAVAJ 8 years ago

Problems with e-mailing subjects

I can't seem to send an instructable to the e-mail addresses I type in. What gives? I use the library computer, so my time is really short. I send things I'm interested in to my e-mail addresses to be looked at later, but I'm stuck here today trying to get the links to work. Help!

Posted by rookie1 9 years ago

WALL-E made from trash

This WALL-E robot is made entirely with reused materials. How cool is that? All I'm doing is putting it into the recycling bin when there are robots to be made! Home made recycled WALL-E via Treehugger

Posted by fungus amungus 9 years ago

Not receiving e-mail subscription

Greetings, Since changing my e-mail address to a Gmail account I have not been receiving my weekly e-mail subscription.  I have even tried to re-subscribe with my Gmail address.  I have repeatedly checked my spam box on both the server and my PC (I use Thunderbird as my local client).  They are not going into either spam folder. Please help!  I miss my weekly Instructable e-mails! Dale

Posted by Dale_D 8 years ago

E-books not downloading...

Hi there, I can't seem to download any of the e-books in pdf. Th Adobe download starts, ends abruptly, followed by the '..cannot not open file. Either the format is not supported or the file has been damgaged" error. This occurs with any of the ebooks. Waddup? :) Thanks!! G-Farce

Posted by G-Farce 7 years ago

E grettings fellow members

Hey guys, thanks for joining fellow members. Don't be shy to post anything. Also, remember to tell your friends about this group!

Posted by solarblade90 8 years ago

E coli incubator

I am building an incubator for ecoli.  Any comments or improvements?

Posted by drystreams 10 months ago

I forgot about Instructables!! - where have my e-mail updates been?

Hey, I just remembered yesterday that I haven't been to Instructables in a couple of months and I used to check the site daily. Then it hit me, I haven't received an e-mail update/invitation from you guys in months. I used to get a weekly e-mail that would prompt me to return to the site. Please start e-mailing again as my memory is garbage and I NEED e-mail invitations to remember to visit sites that I like, and Instrucables is at the top of the list.

Posted by WillMahoney 9 years ago

'Featured' e-mail links don't work in iPhone App

Am I doing something incorrectly? I use the iPhone e-mail app to review the weekly/daily 'FEATURED' instructable e-mails.  Often I follow the link from the e-mail to review the build steps.  I am frequently prompted to use the iPhone app. I have it installed, however it is not compatible with e-mail.  If when prompted to start the app, the app comes up with what ever page it would normally, not the specific instructable that I am following from the 'FEATURED' e-mail.  I like the app and I like the 'FEATURED' e-mails, however always prompted to use app is frustrating and not being able to follow featured items with out have my logon already in place as with the app is frustrating.  I have pro to be able to read all in one-step, however when following from the 'FEATURE' e-mail I always have to select view in one or always have to log in.  When killing time 1-2 minutes reading e-mails, not worth effort to log in.

Posted by stempile 4 years ago

Receiveing e-mails from instructables.

Hi I´m receveing e-mails of instructables from updates of members. I´m don´t following members or subscribe the updates of members. The e-mail says: To change or turn off updates, go to your following page: https://www.instructables.com/you/subscriptions But, I can´t cancel the subscribe, my page of subscribtions (https://www.instructables.com/you/subscriptions) doesn´t have nothing: You currently have no subscriptions. How to stop de subscribe e-mails ? Tnx.

Posted by jefersonrod 7 years ago

trouble downloading e-books

I am trying to download an e-book but don't understand how to accomplish this. I chose the "How To Make Cheese", hit the download button, it tells me what app I need for what device. I want to put it on my PC, already have Acrobat, now what??

Posted by FreeTibet 6 years ago

At least, there is free e-learning authoring tool

Of course, it is not "ready-to-use" library. But anybody can make your own e-learning courses using that tool. Because it is free and quite easy-to-use. Here it is: CourseLab 2.2

Posted by weblin 11 years ago

E-Paper displays?

Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can buy (or rip one out cheap) an E-paper display (display matrix type), Just to try stuff out? I'm currently looking in to hacking the Esquire 75th edition cover :) but it seems to just display those words.

Posted by kurt.hewett 8 years ago

i have change my e-mail address and i don`t receive the newsletters.

I have change my e-mail address and i don`t receive the newsletters.only messages from other users. I have looked in my profile,nothing about newsletters. :( .Did i miss something?

Posted by skarfac3 5 years ago

E-mail from Instructables

Everytime someone responds to one of my posts in the forums I get an e-mail, how do I disable this. So far I haven't found a button to disable it and I keep getting a bunch of emails. Help

Posted by acer73 11 years ago

Candy clone E pub broken


Posted by pianotips 7 years ago

Very old e-mail address not updatable

I am about to get a new internet provider and a new e-mail address. For that reason I just tried to see if I could change my e-mail in my instructables profile. Unfortunately, I quickly realised that I have neglected this house-keeping task for some while. My old address stored here is waaaaay old, which means that the confirmation e-mail from you will fall into a black hole. Please send suggestion to schoeoen@gmx.de or schoon@hsva.de. Yours "all_thumbs"

Posted by all_thumbs 9 years ago

I don't receive e-mail

 I received the emails in a normal way, but I stopped receiving nothing. The settings are in the image below.

Posted by mtsys 1 year ago

How does one get e-mail notifications of comments to a Group?

Is there a way to configure my account to send me e-mail alerts whenever a new topic is created in a Group? I get such alerts when someone posts a comment about one of my I'bles, or if someone responds to a comment I've posted, but I don't get anything if a new topic is created in "my" Assistive Technology Group.

Posted by kelseymh 10 years ago


Look at these www.learnmagic4free.blogspot.com www.aprendemagia.blogspot.com

Posted by Dr. Aspée 11 years ago

emaxx camera?

Hi, i have a traxxass E-maxx and was wondering if there is a way to attatch a camera inside the body? I have a few ideas, but i wanna know what you guys think. Thanks!

Posted by chopstx 9 years ago

For some reason I`m not getting any more E-mail from you Guys? Please Help !

Was getting E-mail from you and it just stopped for some reason ,I signed back up Can you set me Back Up ???

Posted by MichaelB28 5 months ago


I E-mailed in a few howrs ago (and can I say, kudos on the reply speed, I got a reply within half an hour). The probelm is that I sent in one E-mail and in reply I got four, two of which were very useful human generated messages (a little odd having two, but fine) and two generic auto generate messeges, I thought I'd let you know so that, if this is unintentional, it could be sorted.

Posted by oanderson 6 years ago

Untimely subscription expired e-mail

  I've just received an e-mail informing me my (paid for) pro membership has expired and my account has reverted to the regular level, despite having two 3-month free extensions pending.  It looks like the free subscription has kicked in as my account hasn't reverted, but the e-mail is misleading. (I believe I'm owed a year's prize membership, but I'll follow that up privately.)

Posted by AndyGadget 7 years ago

E Ink to be put on magazine cover

Esquire is going to be celebrating its 75th year with an E Ink cover, the same stuff that's in Amazon's Kindle. There will only be 100,000 copies made for its circulation of 720,000 so grab one if you see it. Magazines always cost two or three times their cover price to make, but this should be way beyond even that. Esquire had to get its own custom battery made and the E Ink can't be too cheap either.So what message is so important for all of this? A flashing message that says, "the 21st Century Begins Now." Link

Posted by fungus amungus 10 years ago

PDFs of some of your e-books do not load

The following e-books show a blank page when you try to open the pdf version of the document:      1) DIY Lamps, page 2      2) Easy DIY Plushies for Geeks, page 3      3) Adhesive Projects, page 4      4) Duct Tape Bags, page 5      5) DIY Wedding, page 5      6) Gifts from the Kitchen, page 7 Another e-book's pdf version did not have a blank screen. Instead, there were a couple of lines of nonsense text and "Access Denied". The name of this e-book is: Care for Newborns, p7 Please repair these broken links. I'm sure there are other folks out there as frustrated as me. Thank you, Teresa "Tess" Weaver tessw@graffiti.net

Posted by tessweaver 6 years ago

Impressoras fora de linha

Ola alguem tem alguma coisa de como inventar alguma coisa com impressoras multifuncionais, matriacais e só impressora, tenho varias aqui e gostaria de se alguem tem alguma ideia para aproveitar elas bem vou aguardar, se não pudermos nos corresponder por aqui, meu e-mail é rosane6554@hotmail.co

Posted by rosane62 5 years ago

Hey, gun-makers...

'Nuff said.

Posted by Kiteman 7 years ago

why am I getting the same subscriber update e-mail over and over again?

Why am I getting the same email subscriber update over and over again?. I get the exact same e mail every day for the last several days. And who the hell do I contact with this kind of issue? As far as I can see there is no place on the site to contact an administrator.

Posted by heathbar64 5 years ago

why did I just received an e-mail "I saw you started working on your first Instructable"?

I am writing an instructable and i got this email "I saw you started working on your first Instructable". It says FIRST instructable, but i have published 3 i'bles before. Is there any problem with my account? should i be worried?

Posted by Suraj Bhawal 1 year ago


Something very new for the Arduino. MRETV check it out.

Posted by Mr. E 5 years ago

Single RROD Question (E-73 Error)

There are many fixes for the Xbox 360 RROD phenomenon, but all of them seem to feature the 3 light problem. Mine only has one light lit up red and I'm given the dreaded E-73 error. Will this repair instructable cover my problem as well as the 3 light RROD? Please help. I'm at my wits end about this, and can't afford a replacement at this time.

Posted by Kozar 8 years ago

E mail notices not going out again

I know you guys have been putting out fires and stomping ants lately so I hate to bring it up But, It appears that the email notices are not going out about new comments or posts. I have been checking in the discussion tab and have gotten things there but no corresponding emails have been getting through.  Since you fixed this already not to long ago you probably already know how to fix it again.

Posted by Vyger 3 years ago

Can't download e-book. AccessDenied error on Fun With Concrete PDF

This is the URL that I'm sent to when I click to download the PDF or ePub for "Fun With Concrete". I can download other e-books from this site just fine. https://download.instructables.com/145/d24c/7cad169dd2c6fc5353cb3ebb8/DIY-Concrete.pdf?Expires=1342299350&Signature;=G7vabkErIDOv6kYH~-w~555PEQY~uzq~oXHLsyIQPVJjvKxUItUtoEa84rNsR5cqtSXXuJxb-1Vl6LFTcQxhYrtFT78dREJ9L3OQ00hKzTg0hjOj3E~9iIdOCZ6grCnZZ-7784OPL1IWLEe7jNm8idIudWm-8OO9NRZol4xgUzY_&Key-Pair-Id;=APKAI44RD4FFAGO7EV3A

Posted by salokcin 6 years ago

Esquire Magazine Gets E-inked

E-ink a technology that came out of Eric's lab at MIT a few years ago was having a hard time getting traction and finding a market. It's amazing tech, no doubt. It looks and feels just like paper. A reflective visual experience is actually much nicer on the eyes. You must have seen the Amazon Kindle at a border some time. But few hackers have $350 extra to spend on something to destroy. But rejoice all ye who tinker! Esquire Magazine's October issue has an E-ink cover. And it's available at the normal magazine price, but you'd better hurry there's only 99,999 left after The Dastardly Report got their hands on one and opened it up.-BG TO BORDERS!

Posted by lamedust 10 years ago

E-mail Newsletter

I am unable to access interesting topics from the newsletter directly.  I get this message when I click on a link: "Due to the presence of characters known to be used in Cross Site Scripting attacks, access is forbidden. This web site does not allow Urls which might include embedded HTML tags." I am using a web mail (cox) and chrome.  Your e-mail doesn't have a link on top for "if you can't see this in your browser", which would be nice as going to the home page doesn't show the current e-mail information.  ie Sonic Screwdriver by MrTinkerer   I've never seen the above warning before and it doesn't sound like one I want to see.  ;-}

Posted by Metamorph 5 years ago


What chords do you know? G, EM, E, F,C

Posted by TSC 8 years ago