What should I make, remake the barret, AUG or Galil?

Just wondering if you like to see one of those. If you really got something different, I'm interested.

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KSAR - Knex Standard Assault Rifle. Just as the title said, nothing special, but very good. It's a grey connector shooter, but can easily be modded to a blue rod mag. It has a great working removable magazine, good strong stock, pin guide, long fake barrel, I like the style of the sights, anyways overall it's pretty cool. But yeah, nothing special. The only 'new' is the front handle, but yeah who cares about that. I think it's really hard to add something new on an assault rifle. I mean the 'real' magazine system on guns is impossible to make on knex guns, and I can't think of something else what would be a big difference. Full-auto or semi-auto of course, but that's just hard to make it on a good-loking assault rifle. Tell me what you think.

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So TheDunkis gave me the idea to build the AN94... so here it is! It's pretty good but I fail so damn hard at (front) barrels. As you can see it don't look very great, and the worse it doesn't look like the front part of the real gun. I'll change it, and maybe post it when I chgned it, but it's such an annoying thing to build. Pictures: -To compare, compare picure 2 and 5.-

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Knex Gun Builder's P90 - pictures of mine

Because it didn't work to give Knex Gun Builder my pictures with a comment or whatever I made a topic. For stupid people, 100% CREDIT TO KNEX GUN BUILDER Now about the gun, IT IS AWESOME. I changed the barrel a bit, so the ram rod reach further and the range was so suprising, I got with a lot of rubber bands 21 metres! (uhmm.. about 60 feet I think)!! But that's really good! the only weak thing about the firing was that the bullet flipped sometimes in midair. About the looks, ... Even more amazing. A true masterpiece haha:) And the last thing is that is pretty comfortable.

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Do you have (big) plans?

Hi there people! So recently I'm seeing some comments like: 'Yeahh soon I have time enough to build something big/new' - like that. And because of it'll be summer break pretty soon (for me anyway) I'm interested of some of you are planning to create something very big or new or something! Actually I was hoping there will be new big ball machines, like Metropolis/Chaos or Calactysm (or something:)) If not, I just wanted to wish you all a nice holiday.

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Where can I buy 64# rubber bands in West-Europa (or even better: Holland)? Answered

So yeah, as the question may say, I've sucky bands and I really want those 64# and I've checked the internet (a bit) but I can't see where I can buy.

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TAR [Unfinished]

Yoow, this is my assault rifle.. I never finished it coz I wanted to built some other guns:( But anyway, here are sum pics so you can make it and complete it.. You don't have to ask it Actually I've no idea why I'm posting this.. But I haven't posted anything for a long time so.. yeah.. Just look at the pictures:)

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I've a question

Hey, I was wondering if there is a 18 turret ratchet system, just as the one like the tr8, you know, the one where you have to turn a wheel in the front instead of turn the turret. I'm not sure if that is possible with a tr18, because it's attached to an outside way of the snowflakes, you you cannot turn it. So can you attach the rod with the turret on it in a tr-body where it can turn?? 

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Hi everyboody so the knex evolution seems to have reached its end however i think i have some ideas, and if everybody understands there will be enough new challenges for these types of guns. so the idea is: the bullets will be charged with energy to make them fly, not a ram rod or mechanism or whatsoever, just a piece of ammo with a rubber band on it. find a way to stack them up. this will make it harder to make a proper magazine but it'll be worth it. for example a dark grey connector with a rubber band, piled to any size of rod, attach all the rubber band to the top of the magazine and make a mechanism not to put energy in the bullet, but to release them

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