How to mod a ps2?

Modding a flat ps2

Asked by alewisnyc 8 years ago

anything i can do with an broken ps2 slim?

I have a ps2 that is busted and i was wondering if i could find something useful to do with it.

Asked by steed1172 9 years ago

how to use a usb memory stick to store ps2 game data?

Using a usb memory stick to store ps2 game data?

Asked by noir.eshwar 8 years ago

What could I do with an old, broken ps2? Answered

My friend has a bunch (like 3 or 4) old broken ps2s and he's willing to sell them to me for $5 each. I can't ignore this opportunity. I <3 opening things up etc. I'm 14 and I like taking stuff apart to see how they work. If I bought one of the broken ps2s and I couldn't fix it what do you suggest I do with it? Are there any useful parts inside? Could I squish a mini-itx board into it? (It's the old, fat ps2, not the slimline). Do you know of anyone that has fiddled with a ps2 in such a way?

Asked by Dascooby 9 years ago

Is it possible to connect a PS2 to the internet or wi-fi? Answered

Does the PS2 have internet or connection capabilities? there is a LAN port on the back, i haven't tried it.

Asked by Coliflower 9 years ago

is there a way to play PS2 games on PC?

 Can somebody plz tell me if it is possible to play PS2 games on PC.

Asked by 8 years ago

Need Help With old PS2 Parts!

OK, i'm like really good with fixing a computer but i'm not that great about how parts work. So, I was wondering, see, i have an old (Slim) ps2 that doesn't work anymore. I was going to throw it away but decided i should be able to make something out of these parts! Now, i'm wondering if theres any parts of convenience here what can i make out of these parts? I should be able to create something if i fiddle around with old ps2 slim parts long enough. Any suggestions? I have attached a picture of what i have to work with.

Posted by rgibbs 7 years ago

how do you make backups of ps2 games? Answered

how do you make backups of ps2 games? copy them onto a computer and burn them to a dvd disc.thanks

Asked by priceis 8 years ago

How to turn a Ps2 controller into a Pc controller ?

Hi i was woundering if there is a way to detach the end of a ps2 wire and conect on a usb plug would this be posiable. Any other idea would be much appreciated.Thank you

Asked by walterh9 7 years ago

is the ps2 connected mouse's microcontroller programmable ? Answered

I heard that the ps-2 connected mouse has a microcontroller , is that true? and if it's true is it programmable?

Asked by top.boy 7 years ago

PS2 power light not working

I recently took apart my ps2 to clean out the dust and grease the track for the laser, but when i put it back together the power light dosnt work. does anyone know how to fix this?

Posted by eagletjs 10 years ago

my rock band 2 disk wont read on either of my ps2's, but the track pack will. any suggestions?

My ps2 wont read my rb2 game, but it will read the track pack vol. 2. it also wont read ghmetallica, but it used to. my slim ps2 wont read them either.

Asked by inumaru 9 years ago

It possible to create a robot using parts from the PS2 and its Controllers?

The ps4 is out, and everybody forgot about the Ps2, so i'm looking at a way i can use it.  Are there any guides on how to create a robot from the parts in the Ps2 and its controllers? I just would like to know that if i opened up my ps2, could i use the parts inside to build a bot?

Asked by IamJawsome 3 years ago

ps2 delay in robot control

Hi, im a robotics enthusiast. i have managed to integrate a ps2 controller to control a 2 wheel drive motor. im using Atmega8535 microC. however one problem that i encounter is that the robot has delayed response. ie: when a button is pressed on the ps2 controller, the robot needs some time before it reacts to the command. please gv some suggestions and advice. thnx.

Asked by dck 9 years ago

So my ps2 was broken and i broke it more

And not the lens and laser is messed up. Is there anyway i could hook it up to an external reader or something along the lines of that?

Posted by FreakyDeeky 10 years ago

slimline ps2

Hey all.  im new here, so forgive me if this question has already been asked. I have an old, slimline ps2, and i was wondering if there was anything i could do with the laser that reads the disks?  it kinda looks like the laser from an XBOX 360, so can i do the same projects with a ps2 laser?  Or are there any other already existing things that i can do with it, specifically with the laser diode? thanks for any help! --knightly insane

Posted by knightlyinsane 8 years ago

Coin operated PS2?

I want to create a PS2 (slim) based fee paying game room for kids, but I want to make it coin operated. I want to use a MOSFET transister switch like this one which also doubles as a timer. The coin handling mechanism is the easy part, so dont bother about that.My problem is where to connect the MOSFETswitch in the PS2 console. My first idea was to connect one switch to each of the controllers ( to enable/ disable the controller's power supply on pin 5) but I understand the controller port is part of the PS2 motherboard and new electronic components cant be fitted there (true or false?). If true where else can I fix the switch in such a way that when a game is finished a new game cant be started without feeding in a coin?Any Ideas?

Asked by Lusakan 9 years ago

PS2 controller to PS / 2 mouse: PIC? Arduino? Custom Logic? Answered

I've got an old PlayStation 2 controller which has a broken button, so I was thinking of making some sort of hand-held presenter mouse with one of the thumbsticks. I presume that the thumbstick consists of two potentiometers, and I can easily wire up some microswitches from the PS2 controller or an old ball mouse I've got lying around. The problem is the communication with the PC. I'm studying A-level Electronics, so I understand the protocol, but a logic circuit would be massive unless it was on a custom chip. I've found a microchip that can handle the PS2 communication, but its inputs are for light gates, like you might find in an old ball mouse. The other thing I considered was a PIC or Arduino (which I've been wanting an excuse to play around with for ages). Anyone got any ideas?

Asked by Fodaro 7 years ago

i need sum ideas on what i can use to house this new one handed ps2 controller

I took a old ps2 controller apart and tweeked it so now it can be operated using one hand. i need some ideas on what i can use to house the thing.

Asked by jenniferbrayfield 6 years ago

What have I fudged up now?

I bought a chipmod pro 2 modchip for my slim ps2. After LOTS of struggleing with a lot of wires (only 18, still quite a few) I got it all together and as soon as I plugged in my ps2, the red light wouldn't come on. I'm sad. I did check my connections over and found a bridge between a couple resistors and a 3V access point for the modchip. I ended up resoldering the resistors back onto the ps2 because I couldn't just scrape it out of the cracks. I have no idea now, all the other connections seem fine but there ain't no red light, any idea?

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

help on modding a ps2 controller?

I would like to know if anybody has ever modded a game controller to deliver a mild electric shock like this instead of vibrating. i would assume all it would take is to remove the the motor and wire in a transformer with contacts on the outer casing. if my theory in right please comment with any improvements you may have or if anyone has ever done this before please give exact instructions. all help is greatly  appreciated.

Asked by mr.mountaineer 6 years ago

arduino interfacing with ps2 keyboard

Simple_Testmodify.cpp: In function 'void setup()': Simple_Testmodify:34: error: no matching function for call to 'PS2Keyboard::begin(int&, int&)' C:\Program Files\arduino-1.0\libraries\PS2Keyboard_014A/PS2Keyboard.h:77: note: candidates are: void PS2Keyboard::begin(int) Simple_Testmodify.cpp: In function 'void loop()': Simple_Testmodify:52: error: 'begin' was not declared in this scope THE ABOVE ERROR WAS SHOWN ON VERIFICATION OF THE PROGRAM KINDLY ADVICE THIS WAS THE CODE I USED TO INTER FACE PS2 KEYBOARD WITH ARDUINO UNO  #include int DataPin = 8; int IRQpin =  3; PS2Keyboard keyboard; void setup() {   delay(1000);   keyboard.begin(DataPin,IRQpin);   Serial.begin(9600);   Serial.println("Keyboard Test:"); } void loop() {   if (keyboard.available()) {     char PS2_ENTER;     char PS2_TAB;     char PS2_ESC;     char PS2_PAGEDOWN;     char PS2_PAGEUP;     char PS2_LEFTARROW;     char PS2_RIGHTARROW;     char PS2_UPARROW;     char PS2_DOWNARROW;     char PS2_DELETE;     // read the next key        char c =;         // check for some of the special keys     if (c == PS2_ENTER) {       Serial.println();     } else if (c == PS2_TAB) {       Serial.print("[Tab]");     } else if (c == PS2_ESC) {       Serial.print("[ESC]");     } else if (c == PS2_PAGEDOWN) {       Serial.print("[PgDn]");     } else if (c == PS2_PAGEUP) {       Serial.print("[PgUp]");     } else if (c == PS2_LEFTARROW) {       Serial.print("[Left]");     } else if (c == PS2_RIGHTARROW) {       Serial.print("[Right]");     } else if (c == PS2_UPARROW) {       Serial.print("[Up]");     } else if (c == PS2_DOWNARROW) {       Serial.print("[Down]");     } else if (c == PS2_DELETE) {       Serial.print("[Del]");     } else {             // otherwise, just print all normal characters       Serial.print(c);     }   } }

Posted by akshay12345 6 years ago

run a ps2 on a 9v battery?

The adapter says it runs on 8.5 v

Asked by 8 years ago

Robot from PS2 controller?

Does anybody know of a robot that can be made from a ps2 or/and controller

Asked by Tom Buckey 8 years ago

DIY PS2 guitar question

For the DIY ps2 guitar what kind of wire would i need? and what kind of wire would i need to wire LEDs?

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

PS2 Laptop?

How can I turn a ps2 into a laptop? I would like to rearrange the components of the (fat) ps2 into a more squarish shape and be able to house like a 15" screen: a replacement laptop screen from ebay for example. Fully functional ps2 Built in screen Built in keyboard 2+ usb slots controller/mem card inputs on the sides and a single power supply to power the ps2 and the screen Any help would be great, thanks

Posted by evillordnikon 9 years ago

can you play burned game on an unmodded ps2?

Im just wondering and if so can you tell me how to do it with out a modchip swapdisk or any of that crap please.and its a game that i love so yeah

Asked by xzyzer 7 years ago

PS2 to USB!

I would do it myself, but I am poor. Get this $5 adapter from Dealextreme and do the xbox to usb thing! bang, PS2 with DirectX Feedback on your pc!

Posted by willrandship 8 years ago

How to convert a controller from PC/usb to a PS2? The usb on ps2 did not recieve input from controller?

I assume that only the ps2 contoller jack can recieve controller input. The PC controller got power when plugged into the ps2 usb but no input from any button. I have a rare PC controller that would be great on my PS2. Thanks

Asked by 9 years ago

Fix my ps2 Game?

I can't seem to be able to play my GTA: Vice city anymore on my ps2, the disc is pretty scratched in a lot of places, but it did work before on an older system just fine but on my slim ps2, I guess that laser isn't strong enough. Any ideas?

Posted by Punkguyta 10 years ago

Any PS2 Gurus out there??

I have a PS2 slim and the power light comes on green for a second when the reset button is pressed and then turns red again. The laser comes on for that second but the disk does not spin. Any ideas?

Asked by professor2005 8 years ago

my ps2 turned into black and white?

No color

Asked by 8 years ago

Can I use a ps2 wireless game pad on the PC?

I know I can use the wired gamepad with the PS2 to USB adapter cable but has anyone used it to connect their wireless PS2 gamepads ? will I need drivers for it?

Asked by auldthief 9 years ago

Is it possible to rewire ps2 keyboard to 5-pin DIN connector?

I have an old 386 computer which needs an AT or XT keyboard. Is it possible somehow to connect somewhat newer ps2 to it?

Asked by TheKitMurkit. 1 year ago

What to do with a dead ps2 slimline (thin ps2)?

I have an old Play Station 2 (Thin one) that the laser is burnt out in and the fan does not work. WHAT DO I DO WITH IT????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted by grundisimo 9 years ago

NES/SNES Emulator on Unmodded PS2 or XBOX

Does anyway know of a simple, easy to use and set up, nes and/or snes emulator for the ps2 or xbox, without modding or altering the system in any permanant way?

Posted by wingman246 10 years ago

PS2 Slim disc not spinning NEED help is it the laser or is it something eles ?

I have a ps2 slim modded with modbo 2.1 one a bunch of friends and i played it out for like 8 hours after tht it just seemed that the laser was not readding properly and sent it to someone to clean the lens they did but it did not improve actually over time it got worse and worse so i brought a laser off ebay and it looked all good but when installed the motor does not spin anymore any suggestions on why this is happening

Asked by bug on fire 9 years ago

What is a way to soft mod my ps2 Fat?

I have looked it up but none of the videos I have seen really explain what I need and what to do to my ps2. Oh and I want to be able to play back-up disks

Asked by leafytrees 6 years ago

How can I play on my ps2 online wirelessly?

Hi I want to start playing on my ps2 online, but I don't know how. I'd prefer it if i could use some sort of wirless adaptar, but I don't know if you can. Thanks tjdtjd1

Asked by tjdtjd1 8 years ago

how do you convert a ps2 controller so it can be used in a pc usb port for games???????

I have a pelican wireless controller i wont to convert.

Asked by bk12 9 years ago