post utter randomness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by KnEx_MaStEr 8 years ago


Say something random

Posted by T-man 11 years ago

Something to add to the site

Well i was just on here and was bored and remembered my time on uncyclopedia.com when i would just hit random to get a quick laugh. is it possible to add that to this site so that we can bring up random instrucables which we may not find otherwise.

Posted by evan_124 9 years ago

Electronics Project Question

I am a first time poster, love the site. This is a great place to post this question I hope. I have very little electronics experience and want to keep this as simple as possible. What I want to do is have 4 buttons, when any of the 4 buttons is pushed it will randomly (or at least seem random to kids)pick one of 4 12v circuits to energize. Any sugestions?

Posted by blawmt 10 years ago

random things group,

This is not a group of random generators, but of random ideas and instructables.

Posted by fredricksburgthethird 11 years ago

'Random' button

A random button would be awesome at the top of the page by the categories.  Press it and a random ible pops up  I think alot of people would use it, I know I would.

Posted by HighFlyingA380 7 years ago

Random explore choice not working...

I've cleared my browser and emptied the cache and when I choose Explore->Random off of the menu it tells me it can't find any instructables. Is this temporary?

Posted by nimitz 10 years ago

The effects of randomness

I was looking for a picture of SF Cody, followed a couple of random links and discovered that I share my birthday with the man that invented 3D glasses and the shiny hologram on credit cards.Anyhoo...I wonder, has anybody else noticed higher traffic on their old Instructables? My guess is that the random search function is doing its job.

Posted by Kiteman 11 years ago

"Explore" page is now missing the "Random" option

I see that when I click on the explore option I can no longer select to have random articles displayed. Kinda miss this. Used to spend a lot of time just randomly browsing. Please consider returning this option. Thanks!!!

Posted by DCA 6 years ago

The forum thread for doing random things with comments

This is for doing random things with comments. I mainly created this so I could find out how many comments could fit in a comment chain, but I didn't want to mess up someone's Instructable. PLEASE note that there is NO ACTUAL DISCUSSION going on here, it's just for fun. Have fun...

Posted by YummyPancakes 10 years ago


This is more of a chat room than a forum

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I have a suggestion for the site, but im not sure on where to exactly put it but this place seems okay. Sometimes, I have just finished a project from one of these instructables, and I cant find anything else to do. The suggestion is a "Random Instructable" button, somewhere on every page, so that I can keep clicking and stop on interesting ones. It could even go a step further and let each person customize the amount of random, by filtering out categories of projects they don't want to see. Discuss.

Posted by Tape-structable 7 years ago

Website search enhancement

There are so many instructibles in so many fields that I'd like to discover - but I miss so many of them.  Would you consider putting a "random" button among your home page search options, for those of us who want to be surprised and amazed, but don't really know what to look for? Thanks 

Posted by Owthatgluegunshot 7 years ago

Who is "They"?

All the time i hear people say stuff like "oh they're making this" and "they're building this. But i want to know "Who is They"?

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

The Random Paragraph Word Game

We will see how this works out, I do this with my friends and it gets funny. Instructions: I will start with one word. If we were doing this in person it would be on a piece of paper. That paper is passed to the person next to him. That person writes a word, any word, and passes the paper on. This is repeated, and will form into: A. a funny paragraph B a totally random paragraph that makes no sense C a paragraph that tells an epic story that is the next "Hamlet" and makes perfect sense (That's no fun though) You can choose to end a sentence and start a totally new one anywhere Keep it appropriate. Example Cheese coated birds dance on top of my (*gasp*will it be appropriate?) head. Your pet cookie ate my cat. Here is the word: Why Oh, I forgot to say, add everything prier to your word into your comment (to avoid confusion and if you do that you can avoid a ton of replies to you that you will regret by just hitting post comment and not reply).

Posted by Spl1nt3rC3ll 10 years ago

Storys of your life.

Share a story of the cool / funny / dangerous and just plain stupid things you have either done or heard about !

Posted by IRON-MAN 7 years ago

Broken Electonics and Stuff

I am looking for Broken electronics like video games systems, mp3 players, cameras. I am also looking for Pokemon cards but only the original set like 1-151 new no card crap.

Posted by grimfig 10 years ago

How long have you been on instructables? Honestly...

Hey whatsup everybody. Just out of curiosity how long has everyone been a part of our instructables "community"? Be honest please. I have a member since December 15, 2006. (if you don't know where to find this, move your cursor over your username and go down to Home. Then on the left hand(?) side click 'view persona'.

Posted by wingman246 11 years ago

What is the coolest thing you've ever done?

What is the coolest thing you've ever done? Try to not make it up but if you do, make it believable and beast-mode. I'll go first.... one day, i was at my uncles house for thanksgiving, and he has a 1961 Corvette Makoshark Convertible (fourth picture). i had just turned sixteen and he knew that that car was the coolest thing i had ever seen. so, on the first day of the new school year (high school, sophomore) he let me drive it to school for a full week. it was so awesome, i don't even think sex is better than driving that car. (well, maybe sex while driving it). that was the coolest thing in my life.

Posted by chunkymuggen 10 years ago

*click* random instructable, *click* randome instructable like reddit

Is there a hidden button or something one of the programmers have to do to have a random instructable? Like the random button on reddit.

Posted by unbottled19208306 2 years ago


How about a random button like wikipedia has? I think it would be fun to stumble around Instructables with a random button. If you guys already have this feature its hard to find.

Posted by mbryan-1 7 years ago

Random quarter trick

Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tWCWPpkoHjs Watch it in HD.

Posted by DJ Radio 8 years ago

Random Text. (Just try out stuff)

Tiny words on a post. Low

Posted by chaoscampbell 10 years ago


Well here you can say 1 random word (or phrase) that pops into your head.

Posted by Millawi Legend 9 years ago

Random Question

 Can you guys take a quick look at the instructions for my Intervention, M4, and F2000 and tell me which you like best?  They each have a different background, and I want to know which you guys prefer.  The Intervention is on hardwood, the M4 is on carpet, and the F2000 is on a rug.   Thanks

Posted by MotaBoi 8 years ago

AVRDUDE C programming and random - help

I've tryed a few code samples but none are working. I use AVR dude and i've been doing #include but i cant get rand() with RAND_MAX to work, cuz i just get a expression error. code sample please!

Posted by Killa-X 10 years ago


The Dice-o-Matic is "a 7 foot tall, 104 pound, dice-eating monster, capable of generating 1.3 million rolls a day." It was built and is used by the owner of a gaming website, who received too many complaints of insufficient randomness on his previous computer-generated dice-rolling strategies. It is true that computers cannot generate TRULY random numbers... The Dice-o-Matic, however, is exactly as random as an actual dice roll. Because it does actually roll dice! A LOT OF DICE!More info, including an awesome video of it in operation, here.

Posted by rachel 9 years ago

Random Button

Instructables is in desperate need of a "Random Ible" button. I find that about 90% of the time that I've been browsing lately, I can never find something that is just intriguing. It would be useful to be able to click a button and be randomly sent to an Instructable on the database so I could find the interesting kinds of things that are hidden 10 pages in or more. It would be even better if there could be a classification with them that allows it to work like StumbleUpon, finding those projects that interest you based off of your taste. Am I the only one who wants such a button?

Posted by imagigadgets 7 years ago

What to do with blank CDs

A friend if mine did it.

Posted by REA 10 years ago

Try this

How long can you make it?My record is 23.38 seconds.

Posted by drinkmorecoffee 11 years ago

Random music quiz - just for fun, but maybe a patch

I've attached 10 short audio-clips. All I wanted was "who is singing"? Any additional information would have made someone look extra clever of course. Remember that this is the internet, searching for stuff was allowed (and expected). 1 Tom Jones 2 John Lydon 3 Leonard Nimoy 4 Desmond Dekker 5 Buddy Holly 6 David Bowie 7 William Shatner 8 Shaun Ryder 9 Trent Reznor 10 Bob Marley

Posted by lemonie 8 years ago

Show your moves!

Okay so I was just wondering what your moves are, you can post videos, comments, and pics of you doing awesome stuff

Posted by Squaggadoodle 6 years ago

Just click this sentence now.

So there is no reason at all for this forum so why are you even reading it. Just kidding there's a reason for everything. Okay so if you replay to this then i will get and email saying that i have a new comment on instructables. I have never had more that like 16 new emails at once because i check it quite frequently. so i ask that you reply because i thought it would be funny to get so many reply's that i have like at least 80-100 new messages. thank you for your consideration. (hunger games reference)

Posted by ThePregergater 5 years ago

Mosquito sound that adults cant hear

I was at school the other day and I heard this annoying ringing sound. so I was looking around wondering what the hell it was when the teacher(who's probably 40 or 50)was like "what are you doing?" I said that I hear a ringing sound. then he said that I was crazy and there wasn't anything ringing. then the other classmates started listing and they all heard it also. I talked to that kid after class and was like where did you get that sound, and he replied its a ringtone. so when I got home I looked into it more and found out that people who are older supposevely cannot hear it so I played it for my mom and I was expecting her to hear nothing and then she was like "turn that annoying sound off right now". I was like wow........how did you hear it. everybody says she has super human hearing. here is the link to test it out. http://odeo.com/audio/1329298/view

Posted by Azn Hitman 10 years ago

Random Instructables Button

I was just thinking how useful it would be if there was a button that would take you to a completely random instructable like the random page button on wikipedia

Posted by Articas 6 years ago

Random Instructable Generator

I'd love to see a feature added on instructables.com that sent you to a random instructable that might've otherwise been overlooked.

Posted by L3fty 7 years ago

long random talkabout Forum

Post anything wether it is your love of punk rock and anime or your crazy phobia of suffocating in Peanutbutter.

Posted by RelyNupon 10 years ago

How about a random button?

What if the developers were able to incorporate a random button that would send you to any user created page on the site? I feel like it's rather boring to keep looking through pages of these amazing creations and alterations but it seems endless with 6,000+ pages to look through. I feel like this would be a pretty neat idea. What's your feedback on this?

Posted by BwapNubs 6 years ago

Random instructable

Hello! I have an idea so  decided to share it with you. Would it be possible to make som kind of randomazier for different instructables? For example: I want to cook something, but I don't know what so I surf in on Instructables and can't decide what I want. So I just press the randomizer and the site finds something for me. Something like StumbleUpon. Of course you should be able to use categories, keywords etc. so you don't get the Portal Gun instructable when you want a bread recipe. Time to brainstorm!

Posted by GroggDog 7 years ago

Comment zone

Comment! random topics: carrots  what would you do if... lol what would happen if... etc. etc. etc. ani waies, hao menny speelin mostakes are inn dis sentance? lol

Posted by Pyronite67 4 years ago

The Best Advertisment EVER

I was sincerely moved to buy their products. Image (couldnt upload for some reason :/)

Posted by Rotten194 9 years ago

Circuit to flash a bank of lights

I have a bank of 30 x 6 volt lamps in an old computer console and I am trying to find a circuit to flash them in a random pattern. Ideally the lamps will be driven from a chip rather than individual transistors. I'm perfectly capable of building the circuit, but not designing it. Can anyone point me in the right direction please? Thank you.

Posted by nickpb 1 year ago

I Just got My 666th Comment

The title pretty much says it all =\ only 334 more until I get 1000 w00t!

Posted by Fred the Penguin 9 years ago

How did you find instructables?

Just leave a comment saying how you found out about instructables! Personally I found a video of lego guns on youtube, so I searched around for instructions and didn't find any. Then I realised I had k'nex too, so I searched for k'nex gun instructions and found instructables.

Posted by bounty1012 8 years ago

iPod bug - randomly getting logged out and shut down

I'm browsing the site on my iPod, iOS 5, Safari browser. Twice in the last ten minutes, the browser has shut down with no warning, and when I re-start it, I have. Been logged out and have to log in again. This brings another issue, not exactly a bug, but an annoyance - no matter what page I am on, if I use the "log in" button at the top-right of the page, after I log in I always get redirected to the submit page. Sorry, no screen shot from the iPod, but the last time it happened I was trying to type an answer to the question about CO2 breathing animals.

Posted by Kiteman 6 years ago

The collaboration experiment

For my, or should I say our next Instructable I want to do a little experiment. The goal is to make a colaborated Instructable with the following rules in place: We each do a single step in the Instructable (excluding the materials step). Materials needed for each single step cost less then € 10 / $ 10. Tools needed for each step should be in most peoples shed (or their neighbours shed), you get the point: no big cnc'ing, lasercutting, wood milling, ...  Quality of step description, photo-work, ... should be feature worthy.  You get 1 week for each step, allowing for some trial and error, time for personal life, ... If technical constraints require more time, exceptions are possible after clear communication.  The concept is to do both the build, and collaborate further on the previous step, back and forth. No communication about the end goal. The project can go in all directions. Iterations continue until we both think that the end point is reached. At that point the Ible will be finished, an introduction and conclusions written and published.   I'm open for suggestions on improving the rules of the collaboration experiment, but I'm very keen on trying out this kind of experiment. I am only able to do one experiment at a time in this point in time. So if multiple people are interested, I suggest we make multiple couples and see where we go from there.  Who is willing to commit to this kind of experiment across time-zones, boundaries, crafts and expertises? It will be a challenge to get out of your comfort zone, explore new techniques and who knows what else? On spot left to join the experiment, please fill in this registration form. 5 of us already started the discussion on the rules and timing. The general concept is to start November 1th and finish by December 20th, in time for winter holidays.

Posted by thijsv 3 years ago

Random button

Hey everybody! Have you tried the random button already? I suggest you do and replie here with which ible came first in line after clicking on RANDOM. I'll put the first 11 together in a guide. Who's in?

Posted by emilyvanleemput 5 years ago

Quantum random-walk puts single atom into observable superposition of states

Http://physicsworld.com/cws/article/news/39802Single atoms have been spotted doing the quantum version of the random walk by physicists in Germany. This sighting of a "quantum walk" could help in the design of quantum search algorithms, or in the understanding of the transition from the quantum, microscopic world to the classical, macroscopic world.Update 15 July 2009: The actual paper appears in this week's Science (pay-per-view, unfortunately). Here's a nice diagram from the article, contrasting (left) the quantum superposition with (right) one of the classicial random walks. The histograms below show their actual measurements in the two situations.

Posted by kelseymh 9 years ago

zeigeist and randomizer

What are they? They are under explore. Whenever you click on one of them, along with the popular and recent and all of that there's also a randomizer on the far right, it's different than random.

Posted by guyfrom7up 10 years ago

Random Knex Challenge 4!- Christmas Crazy! WINNERS ANNOUNCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Random Knex Challenge 4!- Christmas Crazy! The next one in my line of challenges! 1st place prize: SHADOWMAN39 AND HIS WREATH! A patch! :-) 5* on all of your ibles Fave all of your ibles A subscription from me and Shadowman39! __________________________________________________________ 2nd place prize: MR MUGGLE AND HIS AWESOME TRAIN! A patch :-) - Courtesy of Shadowman39 5* on all of your ibles Fave all of your ibles ___________________________________________________________ 3rd place prize:   KILLER~SAFECRACKER AND HIS HUGE TREE! A patch :-) - Courtesy of Shadowman39 Fave all of your ibles. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE WINNERS, YOU SHOULD HAVE YOUR PRIZES BY TONIGHT :-)  

Posted by Hiyadudez 9 years ago