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A Fact about Eric Answered

I wrote a little Perl script which works out how many total views a user has by visiting all of their instructables and adding up the views.

I ran it on ewilhelm, and the result was  1693728

Me 59561
Canida 1902202

Would anyone else like to know theirs?

I'll post the code if anyone's interested in looking at it.



Well, if you've written the code, there's no need to waste it...

Oh, you just like making other people despondent, admit it...

Even the largest ego needs propping up occasionally.

Jessy still has more subscribers than I do...

I wish it didn't take so long to access 100 ibles :p Would be so much easier with database access. Not to mention less load on their servers ^.^

After waiting 6 minutes....

1201961! You're a millionaire too.

Your ego will be glad to know that Jessy has 733090 total ible views. Your ego won't be glad to know that she has more than half your total views but under half the number of ibles :p

I would like to say that I feel like I'm doing pretty well. I'm sure if I could be more active in the forums I'd get more clicks, but alas, I suck at the internets. :P

...said the woman who got featured on boingboing, and jezebel, and lifehacker...

I think that has helped my total views. Answering lots of questions. I have done mostly cooking ibles though, which don't seem to be as popular. Time for some electronics projects me thinks, I've got an uber geeky light planned for when I can get hold of some scrap copper pipe.

Yeh, averaging it out, that comes to around 12,000 views each.

Bit feeble, really...

Well, I am lucky to get any more views then I have comments many times :-) 

Not really, only one ible that I posted actually got over 10000 views, my Lego guide, and that one got featured. 

That's very interesting, given that you've got a good large-statistics sample.  Of my 9 published I'bles, 12k views is the extreme high-end outlier.

With proper database access (as Jayefuu implied) you could get some very interesting distributions out of this:  average and distribution of views per I'ble across the site, average per I'ble per user, distribution of I'ble average vs. user, correlations between views and number of I'bles each user has published, and on and on.  There must be some sensible social dynamics to predict (or "explain") the distributions.

I could put a load of output stats into excel, would that make it easier to do some pretty things?

It would, but it would also take up a lot of your time, and put a non-trivial load (multiple rapid connections) on the I'bles servers. 

I have a bit of concern about how much this aggregate data (as opposed to my personal stats) belongs to I'bles corporately.  After all, these sorts of statistics are what provide them with the leverage to negotiate ad rates, etc.

This whole thread reminds me that we are due a set of "top 50" topics in the next few weeks...

:( And all my hopes for top commenter dashed by the name-change...

I dunno - if I count all the hamburgers and milkshakes McDonalds sells, can they take away my records because it belongs to them?

I don't get your point rainy. Kelsey surely they use page views per day as ad rate weapons not total views, I for example will have visited some of the more popular ibles a second or third time today....

:) I interpreted Kelsey as saying he thinks the aggregated data may belong to instructables corporate. My point is that I don't think the results you get from working to collect the data belong to them.

I think my highest-view projects get most of their views from google searches.

The top-three is an odd mix:

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Add commas, it looks even bigger: 1,201,961

You could even change the HTML markup to make it even bigger:


Scoochmaroo has more than the both of you combined. :D

And Kipkay has more than double Scooch's subscribers.

Can you write a pearl script to give the impression that Kelseymh has a sense of humor?

Start offering a Christmas-card service!


Ha ha. I think you'd need more than Perl for that Ninzer ^.^

oo oo oo oo do me do me !

:D thanks

I'll do you later Smart, the silly =s in your name messed up my script :p

Not bad :)
Sorry about the ='s !

Oh and ttthhhhaaannnnkk yyyooooouuuuu :D

 oh oh oh me me me too - it's all about me me me, thank you.

 Well at least I have a goal to strive for - thank you J!

I would like to make knowings, please. :D

me!  Is this just adding the ibles views together?  If so, I expect mine will be right at 100,000.   Or is anything else added to it that you couldn't just see on your homepage?