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A New Gun by Logic Boy? Answered

hey guys

If you haven't noticedyou will see that I haven't made anything new since my PP19, everything that I have made has either been an improvement to something else or I never got around to finishing it.

well my creative slump is over.

I recently got some new knex and I now have built a new gun *gasp*

it is actually the full completion of an older concept of mine that worked really well but wasn't exactly what I wanted originally. So I now have a pretty awsoime new gun.

Pictures will be posted this weekend. Until then try to guess what it is. Hint: I have posted the name of the gun somewhere

Good luck.


Why post this before you can put up pictures?

coz them more people will know about it before I stick pictures up.

it doesn't, let me rephrase that then "I'd rather get views quickly"

I can't be bothered keeping what it is a secret anymore, it's a sniper rifle that uses the same concept as the fssg, its range isn't great but its accuracy is fricken awsome

And you're saying this like you were the first one that's been like that. 

You don't see me coming out of a 5 month building slump with just a mile long rant do you?  Naw, you see a semi-vague picture of what I was about to post.

exactly, thats why I put up "a mile long rant" if I posted a semi vauge picture of it you would have jumped onto me about copying you. Also I can't find my camera charger  so I can't get a picture until I find it...

Actually no I wouldn't.  I actually copied Mepain when I did that "sneak peak" thing lol.

meh, I will give you a clue as to what it is though, it does one thing better than the "best" in its class.

That's actually not as long of a rant as what some people do.

Are we still on for the Interchangable collaboration?

Long words ^^

yup, the only problem being that I have very little time to work with at the moment.

Would this gun be cosmetic or performance based? If both, just say it's cosmetic.