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A question about Pewter casting Answered

Hullo, just had a call from my mate who wants to do abit of pewter casting, now he had a very specific question about molds and the silicone to use, I had a look round but no one mentions a particular sort, I thought all silicone is silicone ... but decided to bring the question to the experts

To make a silicone mold, for pewter casting, what sort of silicone should my friend use? He shall be making a belt buckle from what i gather.

Thanks chaps



Thank's L but I don't think that helps

Mould making materials (inc. silicone) for making moulds to cast metals in - no good?


I need to know what SORT of silicone my mate needs to use, I had a look at that website but couldnt get the answer

Oh sorry, I'd go for any of those (weighing-in prices) as they're sold for this purpose.


But it means shipping from the usa... If it's not just all perpous silicone, it must have a specific name

Try Alex Tiranti - They're in Reading, and sell all kinds of mould making. The link is for a rubber suitable for tin casting.